Programmer: how much hair do you have?

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I remember watching the lecture "yahoo ten years" at school. The host asked Yang Zhiyuan: What do you think is your greatest change in the past ten years? Yang Zhiyuan first replied: there is a lot less hair.
I felt a lot less hair after just one year of work. In contrast, my hair is not worth anything. Why is the gap between sitting in front of the computer so big? Although I have more practical experience than I have in school, I have learned a lot about computers. The more I learn, the more I know, and the more problems I have. Our job is to learn new things every day, and those new things are "stir-fried ", in this way, I rummaged through the "meal" every day and finally did not understand why "fried rice with eggs" was not called "fried rice with eggs ". From the commercial point of view, customers think that fresh things are better, so fresh things are worth the money. This is called "creativity" and "creation ". "Stir-fried rice" can only make perfect practice, and add more auxiliary materials to stir-fried rice, like the Spring Festival Gala, the classic songs that have been around for a long time will not fade into a "big song ".
A common pleasure for programmers may be the ability to constantly learn at work and apply new things to work. It is such a complex process, the "fried rice" --- "fried eggs" kung fu training. It was also in this process that the hair kept falling, falling, and growing. One day, I finally found my head loose. Suddenly, I realized that my growth speed was a little slower than that in this era of rapid development. Those who used to walk before the time could be white-collar workers, but now we can only be migrant workers. I remember a long time ago, in the countryside, if any one had an income of 10 thousand yuan, it would be called "ten thousand yuan households". When my family really had 10 thousand yuan, I found that, I am so poor that I am looking for a gold house in my book. Look at the current house price. Hey, the House has actually become a golden house!
The wonder of this world is that hair can still be balanced in the Process of falling fast and slow, that is, it is not far from being smart!
Programmer, how many more hair do you have?
(It is hoped that csdn or other research institutions will be able to conduct an investigation on this issue. Although this issue does not provide any guidance for the software industry, it is intended for gymnasiums, sauna rooms, hot springs, and shampoo manufacturers, health care industries such as beijia are very valuable, so that they can obtain a potential customer base)

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