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As an IT person, it seems that overtime has always been regarded Routine , When others are watching TV, soaking bars, and chatting with their lover, you are still coding in the dark room, you cannot enjoy the fun of soap TV series, the mellow beer, the tender water-boiled fish, and the gentleness of beautiful women. Because you need to work overtime, you have no eyes to stare at the damn computer screen, with both hands hitting the pale, heartless keyboard, you are hungry, you have to make a phone order for a dull box, and then eat it on the table like a steamed stuffed bun, because you have to work overtime, you haven't been together with friends or family for a long time. Even if you leave your neighbor, you may feel thousands of miles apart. Sometimes you think of a woman, you can only access the internet, look at beautiful pictures ...... You work overtime constantly. Gradually, when you have white hair and you are old, the screen changes from convex to flat and then LCD, and the online beauty changes from static to dynamic, I feel like I am in front of my eyes, but in fact I am far away from the sky. My friends often go back to my house with a duck on the left, a chicken on the right, and a wife and a tape, but you are still working hard, when you are alone, you may have to work overtime. Oh, it's terrible. Of course, the above is just a summary. It's an exaggeration, but it's not just me in reality. I admit that I 've never worked overtime, but it was an energetic and innocent time. I needed to learn, work, and behave. I was willing to work overtime ...... The technology is constantly developing, and the days are constantly passing. Program My mind has changed as well as the old process of being weak and banned. I think if a person works overtime endlessly, it means that he The work efficiency is low and there is a lack of planning. If an enterprise is constantly working overtime, I think Boss is abnormal. In addition, there are serious management problems and the overall planning capability is poor, if you are not competitive in the market, are you angry if you are working overtime? You don't have to be angry or worry about it. It is normal to work overtime occasionally, but pay attention to your health, and don't forget your life and love. Some questions may be skipped.ArticleIn this case, I had to think about writing based on the framework structure. For example, I first analyzed the current situation, then analyzed the cause, and finally proposed a solution to the problem, but I was biased when I wrote it, let's summarize and analyze the reasons for IT staff working overtime. (1) I am willing to work overtime because I like this job. This is what I have mentioned before. It is a kind of noble spirit and is worth advocating. If your company has employees like this, you should celebrate happily, but you should also remind them to pay attention to efficiency and health. Don't influence life and love because of overtime. People are not machines, it is a matter of blood, flesh, and feelings. How do you treat others, others will naturally treat you. (2 ) Overtime is to show your boss or boss's favor. This kind of overtime work is very purposeful, but it is a common phenomenon in domestic IT enterprises, especially the older generation of IT managers with traditional ideas, who like such programmers very much, I will give priority to my salary increase and assignment. This is the case for the company I just joined. My superiors and employees work overtime like crazy people. If you meet such a company, you can't do it either, if you want to raise your salary and promote your boss, you only need to work overtime. This can also be called adapting to the environment, or even 886 yuan. (3 ) I often fail to finish my work within the planned working hours, but I only need to work overtime. This is why you have a problem. You have to reflect on it. Why does it make your efficiency low? You should note that in this information explosion Society, the competition is so fierce. How can you develop your work efficiency? It's hard to survive. (4 ) Working overtime has become a corporate culture, and no one else has gone. How can I leave it easy? I have heard that there are still many such enterprises in China. x seems to be like this for the company. Some time ago, there were programmers working too hard and so dizzy. It was so serious that I even didn't believe it, but some of my colleagues and friends are coding in that company. From their descriptions, they have to believe that they have been working there for six or seven years, basically, the Office is left around every night, and the company's straw culture is deep-rooted. programmers come from small people, so you have to adapt to it slowly. (5 ) You have to work overtime due to insufficient planning or changing project requirements. I personally think this is normal. Sometimes the project requirements change and the development cycle does not get longer. The plans we make are not perfect, and sometimes there are some discrepancies, which can be understood, working overtime may be the best way to solve the problem. It is not easy to do software in China, especially software such as informatization. It is even more a day's change. You blame everyone for being useless. The customer is God, and the boss is a machine, the boss is cold-blooded. Well, I believe that a large part of programmers work overtime for this reason. , (5 ) Is to kill time, because there is no place to go after the shift This is a lot of new students. I used to be the same. I like to stay in the company to study online or chat in my next class, but you have noticed that, this is not allowed if an enterprise is under strict management. There may be other reasons, but in any case, relying too much on overtime is irresponsible and wrong. It is a deception in the industry. If a company boss asks employees to work overtime endlessly, then he is like a colony farmer, not a corporate manager. He is deceiving his employees. In fact, he does not create value in the enterprise. Amon article

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