Programmer's choice: Several brand new open-source tools in mobile development, open-source programmers

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Programmer's choice: Several brand new open-source tools in mobile development, open-source programmers

The mobile development concept has become the primary indicator of prospective application development institutions. In view of this, it is not surprising that the mobile application development tool camp is constantly expanding and the number of members is growing. The love encryption editor collects comments from some developers and sorts out their views on new mobile development tools. In this article, let's take a look at these outstanding mobile development tools!


AppGyver contains a variety of rapid development tools, including Prototyper for prototype development and Steroids for developing PhoneGap applications.

"AppGyver provides a variety of excellent tools for application development and conceptual design. We use AppGyver Prototyper to establish an entity model and test creative ideas with team members and customers, "said Ari Tulla, CEO of BetterDoctor, a service company dedicated to recommending consulting experts to users. "AppGyver Steroids is an essential choice in our iPhone development workflow, and the team appreciates its actual performance. Steroids allows developers to use their more familiar Web development technology to write local mobile applications, which is much easier than simply using local code. Although AppGyver Steroids currently provides key native components, some specific components are still missing ."


Appscend successfully sends cross-platform development work to the cloud environment, and provides application management, analysis, message push, and other functions. As an XML markup architecture, IgniteMarkup enables application development to be implemented on a separate code library.

"In my opinion, Appscend is a wise company," said Oystein Svarod, developer of digital marketing company Svarod Direct. Svarod uses Appscend to develop a set of "sketch" applications and deliver them to customers. Sebastian Vaduca, CEO of Appscend, "he showed great patience when introducing this platform to creative talents. He hoped that developers could integrate their ideas and brilliant achievements into their application works ."

EclipseSource Tabris

Tabris is a Java toolkit used to create cross-platform native mobile applications. With the help of Eclipse RAP (Remote Application Platform), Android and iOS applications can be written in the same code library.

Thieme Compliance from Germany uses Tabris to develop patient education software for iOS, Android, Windows 8, and other system platforms. "One of our goals is to get application products that can run on different platforms through one encoding. We finally chose EclipseSource for software development. On the one hand, we wanted to use Eclipse, and we could also use RAP and RCP (fat client platform) create Web and desktop clients on the basis of -- and all of this can be implemented using the same set of code, "explained Thieme Project Manager Thomas Pettinger. "While using Tabris, we need to consider how to design the three platforms, but in the final analysis, we only need to make a few small adjustments to use the same code library ."

DreamFactory Service Platform

This open-source software is designed to simplify the development process and provide backend support for HTML 5 application development. Developers can create applications without considering any server software. Services can be connected to NoSQL, BLOB storage, and user management mechanisms. The DreamFactory service platform can be installed in any data center or cloud computer.

Modus Createhas re-creates an enterprise address book application using DreamFactory and uses the Sencha Touch platform as the front-end service. "We can quickly deploy applications in the cloud environment, which meets the actual needs for rapid updates of contact information," said Pattern Sheridan, CEO of the company. The data is displayed in a way that matches the actual device. "We have accumulated very positive practical experience when using DreamFactory," Sheridan concluded.

Embarcadero RAD Studio XE4

Embarcadero RAD Studio XE4 supports development on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and other platforms. It supports not only development mechanisms such as Delphi and C ++, but will also include Android in the support camp at the end of this year.

TMS software company has used this tool in an iOS application specifically used to read Microsoft Excel documents. "What I like most about this tool is its powerful downward compatibility-at least from a non-visual perspective. Intuitive elements can be rewritten based on the actual needs of mobile phones or tablets, and we cannot still use the desktop interface on mobile devices, "says Adrian Gallero, product manager at TMS. "My code library is very complex, and from the initial beta test to the test version 11 there has always been a crash issue. However, this tool helped me solve the problem one by one, and finally successfully migrated a large code library within a few days ."

Intel HTML5 Development Environment

Intel's HTML 5 development environment is a cross-platform environment that includes development, testing, and Application Deployment and supports multiple device types. This environment is based on Web standards and obtained by Intel when it acquired appMobi at the beginning of this year.

"It has many outstanding advantages. This is an excellent tool, "said Stephen Campbell, chief developer of Second Fiction game studio. Second Fiction has used this environment in the HTML 5 and JavaScript Application development processes. HTML 5 and JavaScript code are packaged into a set of containers to obtain the same running mechanism as the local application. "The biggest problem with using HTML 5 is its unsatisfactory running speed." At least it cannot be compared with the local code. But this is exactly what new technologies mean, he adds.

Xamarin Studio

Xamarin Studio is a streamlined IDE, which includes multi-platform mobile design, development, debugging, deployment, and other mechanisms. Rdio, a music streaming media enterprise, successfully developed cross-device applications using Xamarin Studio and Xamarin's Android and iOS development technologies.

"We need an ideal way to connect Android and iOS apps in a closer way, without having to set up different development teams for the two platforms, brett Duncavage, Chief Android developer of Rdio. "Now we can apply about 60% of the Code to both Android and iOS platforms ." C # language is also used in application development. Xamarin Studio also provides excellent Code Completion, debugging, and deployment functions. However, it still takes some time for the complete set of tools to mature. Duncavage pointed out.

In addition, I have to mention the first free automation in China that love encryption launched some time ago.App security detection platformDevelopers only need to upload their own applications to automatically analyze which vulnerabilities can be exploited by the application, which is clear and intuitive, in addition, Alibaba Cloud is the first company to support one-click Download of complete and detailed analysis reports in PDF format, which facilitates technical and company management personnel to transmit and research application vulnerability-related results and provides targeted security protection, avoid cracking loss.

In the end, the benefits brought to users by applications are a standard for measuring the quality of applications. Tools are just one thing. It is most important to use these tools to create products that meet user needs.

How are various mobile development tools implemented?

As this demand grows, more and more developers are paying attention to the development of mobile development tools and libraries, and they are trying to help mobile developers overcome the obstacles to achieving their dreams.
Although the development of this tool is not yet mature, the emergence of HTML5 allows everyone to see the bright future of mobile Web development, it allows users to get rid of native software dependencies.
First, the web is completely open, and it is not subject to the Protocol restrictions of App Store.
Second, program developers can earn 100% of the revenue. Of course, this also means that you must find a new way to get the benefits, which is not simple. However, once a proper method is found, programmers no longer have to hand over 30% of their earnings to Apple.
Third, HTML5 becomes more and more powerful, and its functions become richer. The latest HTML5 version supports local data storage on the client. Currently, it can basically Replace the native app function. In other words, browsers have basically replaced native apps.
Fourth, HTML5 apps are not bound to a specific device. Although most of the promotion is centered around Apple's iPhone, HTML5 apps are easy to migrate to other platforms. Although the platform migration may not be completed simply by pressing the next button, it is much simpler than converting Objective C to Java.
Of course, HTML5 is not omnipotent. The biggest defect of Web apps is the dependency on network connections. It is indeed less responsive than native apps, while native app developers often discuss whether microsecond-level latency affects user experience. Game developers need to weigh each other before using JavaScript programming.
At present, the biggest limit may be the development of the tool itself. Apple's development tool can see the structure of native apps, but it is difficult for mobile browsers to have a deep understanding of the code structure of the application running above. Now there are some development tools and libraries to help programmers simplify the difficulty of web development. The following describes some well-known mobile web development projects.
Mobile web development tool: ChocolateChip-UI (download)
Because the screens on mobile devices are usually relatively small, it is particularly important to design an effective UI for mobile devices. Enter Robert Biggs is a Web programmer from Northern California who developed ChocolateChip-UI as an excellent example for developing mobile interfaces using HTML.
Web Application Markup Language (WAML) used in development is a HTML5-encapsulated programming Language. Using tags provided by WAML (such as <slider> or <stack>) can greatly simplify developers' work. WAML can be used in JavaScript and run on smart phones that support HTML5.
Programmers can combine HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and WAML by specifying the ChocolateChip-UI translation process.
Although this approach is not perfect, it is good enough. I have used other mobile development tools before and none of them can be well encapsulated in JavaScript.
ChocolateChip-UI has basically encapsulated all the components provided by WAML, and the effect is almost the same as that provided by the standard iPhone UI. It even includes an additional Delete list. You can click the mouse to delete the component from the UI.
Mobile Web development tool: Mobl (download)
JavaScript is not easy to use, and Mobl is used to simplify JavaScript development. Mobl is a framework specifically used for application development on Webkit browsers. Instead of using HTML, JavaScript, or CSS coding programs, it directly uses Mobl programming and converts it to HTML, JavaScript, and CSS languages suitable for running on mobile browsers through the Mobl compiler.
Mobl ...... remaining full text>

What is mobile development programmer?

It is the mobile terminal program developer. narrow understanding can be mobile phone application development, and comprehensive understanding can be mobile phones, tablets, PDAs, POS machines, and other portable mobile terminals, it even includes some hardware components. If you want to be a senior mobile program developer, you should not only be familiar with the current mainstream mobile terminal operating system program development, but also be familiar with hardware and Linux knowledge.

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