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The development engineers referred to in this article only refer to program developers and Electronic Engineers who focus on digital circuit development.

When you choose computer, electronics, automation, and other majors to enter the university, you still have the opportunity to engage in other industries, but you still choose development as your career when you graduate, it's really self-defeating. However, you and I are welcome to join this white-collar who is regarded as an infinite "white-collar" by others.

If you are not particularly isolated from the world, I think you must have read Mr. Jin's masterpiece "swordsman", which contains a very strange martial art called "The sword of evil ", when you read this novel for the first time, when you saw this kind of kung fu practice, I think you must have smiled and said, "Oh, it's really fun! ", But now I am very sad to tell you: The development job you choose is the "evil sword" on your life path, and you have practiced it now, and you cannot go back.

A relatively high salary and continuous learning and updating of professional knowledge not only make you feel full of life, but also satisfy your vanity that does not let outsiders know. In the past few years, you often look back at the students who have been behind you. When you feel pity for them, you will feel a balance in your hard work every day: in those years, you have talked the most about "pay-as-you-go", whether it's for your friends or your lover. The second most often said is to lead the company: "If you cannot, I will leave !", In fact, you have actually gone through several times. By the way, in the past few years, because of your good financial conditions, you have started to buy a house, fall in love, get married, and have children of your own. Sometimes you say that you will buy a car in two years. Of course, there may be many large parts that require installment payment, but you are confident that the future will continue forever, even if it is not better.

Days are always past every day in this kind of plain, just so casually, you suddenly find that you are almost 30 years old, or already 30 years old, inexplicable, you may feel uneasy, and you may feel that your future is not getting better and better as you did in the past few years, you also suddenly found that many of the students you used to look down upon seem to have been driving a car, and several of them lived in a house bigger than you, as if the house had been paid off once, you suddenly realized that your current life is at the top of the midstream most than your classmates. What makes you feel uncomfortable at work is that you are more and more afraid to say no to your leaders, even if a colleague who is later than you is promoted or paid, you only complain when you drink with friends in private. In front of your head, your voice becomes smaller and your smiling face becomes more gentle.

You finally began to get confused. "What will I do in a few years ?", This sentence often appears in your mind.

Computer development is a kind of job that uses young people as the capital. To put it bluntly, it is "Eating youth meals". Well, this sentence seems to have been heard in a special industry.

It is marked as one: the work time is very strong, and the time limit set for a development project is usually very tight. What's more, some so-called development management books are also very mean calls to cut a project into multiple small pieces, each of which sets a "Milestone" to strictly track the development progress, working overtime in other industries requires working overtime, while in the development industry, working overtime seems to have not been sent to several companies yet. Yes, there is a time limit, if you can't finish it, I will settle it for you again. therefore, development work is usually under mental pressure that other jobs do not have.

Once a person step into the market, due to the burden of family and children, coupled with the decline in energy, overtime work becomes fewer and fewer, which makes many bosses feel that these people are already old, it is not easy to use. Instruct the Personnel Department: "developers are limited to be under 30 years old !", Relatively speaking, hardware development will be a little older, but it is also a fifty-step joke. Another important thing is that the computer is so bad that it has made progress too fast. The top-level Configuration computer purchased in the past two years is still a trivial matter, even more cool, it seems that we need to learn new knowledge every day. When we first graduated, we only learned Pascal from books and learned to use corrosion methods to make circuit boards. At work, we started to learn turboc and tanger2.0, I just learned it. I am not happy yet. I will start learning Borland soon.
C ++ and protel3.0 are difficult to learn, but they find that they need to learn VC and protel98. Single-chip microcomputer is also Ah: Z80 command back is very familiar, not enough time to use it to learn 8031, good to learn, I was thinking about this life to eat it, what pic, DSP, CPLD, FPGA, arm and so on are found again .... this does not include learning a lot of 74 series, 4000 Series, XX series... there is a CPU card in the IC card .. if every word in the learning knowledge can be converted into a penny, I think all development engineers are wealthy people.

At a glance, it seems that you can't see your head in this kind of day, but now you are sure to doubt when you can stick to it. We 've all played RPG games like the legend of the legend, finally, one day you become a hero! Why can't you become a hero in your life if you have worked harder than those heroes in your real life? Well, the reason is: although development work is a bad skill, it can make you quickly turn into petty capital, but its biggest characteristic is that experience is not accumulated! The ever-changing updates of Knowledge Make you always feel that you are regressing. You are like the hero in RPG. At the beginning, you were given a good sword and armor, and you were given a high level, however, it does not accumulate your experience. Although you felt that you had a good experience when you first started playing a small monster, the more you will find that you will die badly! You can compare it with other non-development industry students, such as medical students. The old man in yueda said that the difference between Huashan jianzong and qizong: in the first ten years, you have much better income and status than those of your medical students, however, after ten years, you and him will be basically the same in all aspects, and after two decades, your aspects will far be far from comparable to those of your medical students! Well, you have begun not to laugh.

"Dare to ask where the road is? The road is under your feet... ", but what about you?

Summing up the path of many development friends after the age of 30, let's take a look at the development staff "where is the path ?" So what do developers do after the age of 30?

Road 1: continue to be a promising career!

I have been counting the data with my fingers, and I found that many of my friends are still engaged in development after the age of 30, it means that you still need to program and draw circuit boards on the computer side every day. It has nothing to do with whether you have a few soldiers under your team or whether you have the hats of project managers and chief engineers on your head, as long as you need to develop it yourself, you belong to this category. One of the oldest friends is 63 years old. He is engaged in the development of medical instruments, and he is still engaged in software and hardware development at the age of 35, analysis of these friends who are still engaged in development has the following features:

1. I am obsessed with work or computer. During the period from To, I spent most of my time in front of my computer desk or workbench.

2. Do not like to share with others. There are few friends and there are no more than five people who often contact each other.

3. I often talk about work when I interact with my friends, but I usually don't talk about money.

4. It is too fat or partial, and is not in the normal range.

5. I have no plans for the future. I cannot explain how I live and what I do in five years.

6-saving, never spending money.

Even if you are a developer in less than 30 years old, you can check whether you are qualified for the above items, whether you are still engaged in a development career after the age of 30, four suspected, five or more people of this type have been diagnosed.

These friends often report that one day is a day's attitude towards life. At this age, they do not dare to easily change their jobs, and their vigor gradually fades away. The only thing that remains unchanged is that a huge amount of money fell from the sky one day and hurt yourself. To be honest, because of their character limitations, they can basically be sure that they will not be able to achieve better development in the workplace in the future. When they are a small header, bringing several developers is already at the top of their development. As for the path to life in the future, not only are they confused, but God may be suffering from headaches.

However, some friends may find that their children are sons! I don't know whether it's accidental or there are other sayings.

Simple suggestion: to change your destiny, change your character first: Stick to your work, games, and TV work for half a year's night. When you interact with people at this time, your life will change.

The second is to switch to technical support, administration, production, and other work. Some friends have been engaged in development for several years, because they are not special hobbies, or lead the above mandatory work arrangements, they transferred to technical support, service, or administrative work. at least on the surface, their salary was less than development, but the real statistics on these people, half of them were promoted to the service department manager or administrative manager. One of the most experienced friends has been promoted to the Assistant General Manager and entered the senior leadership.

This kind of friends were forced to be helpless or for other reasons, but apparently they had expertise in non-technical departments, they can make suggestions from a professional perspective. Over time, it is not surprising that they will receive more opportunities for promotions and salary increases.

Because you are not engaged in development, experience begins to accumulate. This type of occupation usually gives you a very stable feeling, when you are over 30 years old, you will find that this type of occupation is easier to get new job opportunities than development work.

Simple suggestion: If you are sure you won't be able to get a good development opportunity in the Development Department, you may wish to transfer it to several other departments and try another method. If you have less money, there will be more opportunities.

Road 3: Development Management

If you are already the manager of the general engineer or Development Department, or you have the opportunity to be promoted to this category, congratulations, you are on the golden road from "Ma Wen" to "victory over Buddha". You not only have high professional skills, but also obviously have strong interpersonal skills, people like you don't have to worry about the future at all. Even if you have nothing, you can easily start from scratch.

A person like you is able to practice the evil sword and become a fairy. Well, I have nothing to say.

It's easy for you to differentiate yourself from other people, just as go is never expected to become a Chinese player at the age of 20. You should be working for three or four years, that is to say, when I was about years old, I would find that I had to spend more time in my work than I did in my own development. In addition, most of these people should have "Soldiers" at this age. On the contrary, if you are almost 30 years old and still immersed in programming and drawing board in front of your computer every day, or if you are over 30 years old, you have not yet become a department manager (although you always feel hopeful ), basically, you are not such a person. Well, if you are sure you are such a person, your only idea is to climb to the middle and upper layers as soon as possible, because sometimes the chance of life is too large, and the radish that does not occupy the pit is likely to be pulled out!

Simple suggestion: drag the floor and clean the table in your boss's house every day!

Road 4: study abroad or postgraduate entrance exam

I have two friends who have gone abroad after development. One of them even worked as the chief engineer of a small company. The database and software skills are great, but I still feel uneasy, so I took out the money I had been working for many years, and I spent some money on my overseas expenses and air tickets, in 10 thousand, I ran to Canada with $ worth of money. In Canada, I had to repeat jobs, change jobs, and then look for a job. The job I was looking for was basically not related to computers, however, the salary is always around $1500, which is almost the same as the RMB he spent working in China, but he spent $300 on renting a basement and then eating, drinking, and drinking, if you buy another computer to access the Internet, you need to paste it back on average every month. Some time ago, I sent an email saying that I only spent about $5 and $6000 on my body. I am going to start a small company to see if I can make a final bid effort in China. Another friend went to Australia a little earlier. He first picked grapes for more than a year and finally got a technical job. His daily job was to draw mechanical drawings and his income was not bad.

Nearly 3000 Australian dollars. I bought an old car and it was a capitalist life. However, when I came back the year before, the only sigh is: Getting 2000 USD abroad is definitely not as comfortable as getting 5000 RMB in China.

There are also two postgraduate students, but one of them strictly says it is not a development background, focusing on the nature of market work, but there are not many postgraduate students in my friends, I had to join two people and talk about it. I got a job in Beijing after my postgraduate entrance exam. I spent 5 or 6000 yuan a month, but I still did development, and my life was not changed before I did my postgraduate entrance exam, we still haven't seen any bright future, but we still don't know what to do in the future. The standard one day is counted as one day. After another postgraduate entrance exam, I found a job in the university. Although his salary is much less than his previous job, after all, after all, his life-long support, stability, and success has been achieved, this buddy relaxed his mood and began to wonder what he had done in his spare time.

Simple suggestion: These two paths are not very good for developers. It was a good thing to go abroad ten years ago. Now it is hard to say that the probability of a successful Postgraduate Entrance Exam transfer is not very high, most of them are still engaged in development, but graduate students can work for several more years.

Route 5: Switch to market

Only two of the developers I know have gone to the market. Neither of them can be friends. They all volunteered to go to the market. As a result, both of them have been working in the market for about a year, and then they all started their own companies. Haha, it's strange that it's a very high conversion success rate! But think about it, I admire the ideas of the two people. I can make up my mind to continue my development job of RMB 5 or 6000 every month. I am engaged in a job that I am not familiar with. I will earn a commission of RMB 2000 or more every month, but I cannot tell you the commission, this decision can only make people feel that they have a clear grasp of their own future and the confidence in the future. In addition, they do not go to service or production, and they are eager to persuade the leaders to go to the market (the marketing department and Development Department are usually the core department of a company and it is not easy to enter). It can be said that they have long-term considerations. If you have the technology and make friends with customers, it is normal to have a great opportunity immediately.

With strength, confidence, and determination, I am afraid this kind of person has decided his own life path as early as he graduated from college or earlier, every step of their journey has been well planned several years ago. Now it looks like a clear path to life, from learning technology to entering the market to looking for business opportunities to start a company. But just like when we went to elementary school, everyone knew that going to college was our clearest path to life, and only a few people could really achieve our goal. (Of course, the history of expanding enrollment is another thing, I mean at that time, that is, "A long time ago, when I was as big as you ").

Simple suggestion: If you are such a person, my suggestion is:... um ?.... You. You, don't go. I still have something to ask you to sponsor .....

Road 6: Start Your Own Business

Haha, when I saw this article, I found that your eyes are already round. You must have thought about it for a thousand times. In fact, I dreamed of this kind of thing every day when I was engaged in development. I always want to find a chance in two years to do it myself. This dream will torment you year after year and give you hope. Let's take a look. There are still a lot of developers who start the company after development, and there are also many successes and failures in it. Generally, the start of the company is a partnership of several people, with technical skills, some people who have made a market jointly planned this big activity. Generally, the product must be advanced and even unique in China. The market is also very large, the guy in charge of the market usually shoes his chest to make sure that he can sell the product, and quietly tells you that he is the uncle of a classmate of his uncle in a certain supervisor. It must be okay. So a few of you are looking for a location, registering a license, buying a few broken tables, and then saving two computers. Each of you has tens of thousands of silver and the company has opened!

The product soon came out, and the market's friends had to live up to expectations. Some customers said they wanted to try it out. Everything seemed so normal, "...... when you sit at the boss's desk, someone keeps reporting or asking you to sign... people entering... you remember the story that the company is no longer poor enough to have a chair ..... "You laughed in your dreams.

It was so smooth that you will soon have a list, and the amount of money you need to pay for it was not enough. You are very happy that everyone has increased their investment, when you took out the money, you ran into tears and said, "This is my hen ". Your products are really good, and the market is also very good. The customer is getting more and more busy, and every day you are excited, the only weakness in the US is that it seems that the customer will always pay back for some days, but the customer promises to you: in a few days, you will be paid in a few days, because the payment is always unplanned, so you have made up some money for the smooth operation of funds. At this time, you have something to worry about, because the number on your deposit is almost zero. "It's okay. After two months, everything will be okay. Who will not suffer any hardships in their career ?" You comfort yourself and put yourself into your work. Money is always on a narrow wooden bridge between the remittance and production and operation expenses. You don't have much money on your account, the expanded company scale and many unexpected situations have led you to invest in your own funds again, twice, and three times with your partners. Of course, you may have borrowed the money .....

One day, your accountant once again told you that the boss has no cash on the account. After suffering many times, you finally made up your mind to pay attention to the running of funds, you cut unnecessary manpower and reduced development investment. You must pay XX % for the market staff to sign the ticket and pay the rebate after receiving the ticket, at the same time, it began to control the production cost of the product.

One day later, because competitors have also counterfeited your products, and your products gradually become no longer advanced, market personnel began to complain that the company's contract funds were too strict and it was difficult to sign a ticket. The decline in production costs usually led to an increase in product faults, the customer also began to complain that your service personnel were not able to perform the service in time.

One day, you finally walked into the Talent Exchange Center again. You used to recruit people. Now you start looking for a job with your resume.


The company's success or failure is related to products and the market, but more importantly, it is related to funds. products and markets can be compensated by funds, but nothing can be replaced.

Capital, 99% of all fallen companies are related to the break of the capital chain. Before you decide to start a company, estimate the amount of money your company needs to support one year, including labor costs, production, and venues, advertising, market fees, even electricity, water fees, and so on, all you think of together, the value is .. slow .. if you do not have the experience to start a company, you need to multiply the number by 3, and then the minimum fee you need to start a company for one year, the actual operation of the company requires more than three times as much money as you think.

Simple suggestion: Before starting a company, the most important thing is to first establish your future funding source! That is to say, what if the money is insufficient? --- Because you have invested enough money.

Road 7: second occupation

There are many such friends who are not separated from development work, but they are constantly picking up projects or selling products in their spare time. They are not outstanding in the Organization, they are the least willing to work overtime than others. for this reason, they usually work hard during the day. such people may not necessarily make a lot of money, but on average, they can earn tens of thousands of yuan more than their colleagues in a year. sometimes I get more than I get at work. but it is confusing that such people tend to focus more on stability in their lives. Basically they didn't see them skip the contract. Even if they have already opened a small company in private, they usually don't resign.

Are there such people next to you? It is easy to tell them:

-- There are a lot of calls, and I prefer to go out of the office and find someone else to talk to. It's mysterious. "Is this guy cool? "People, usually such people. This type of person is the best choice for women: they are family-oriented, not as easy as the rich, but their incomes are much higher than the average. However, I have summarized several such development friends: I also come to the frustrating conclusion that such people are generally not tall and are in a bucket shape .....

Simple suggestion: this seems to be the best way for developers, but a relatively high income usually makes such people reluctant to take risks .... so far, none of the people I know have really been successful.

Well, even though my experiences are far from rich, there is nothing to be complacent about, but maybe because I am a little older than other friends, I may have met a little more people.

The above words have left your teeth blank.

The following are some of my experiences on the development road. You can skip this step, but you should never put your mouth too large after reading it:

1. Whether you work for others or yourself, you must work with all your heart and soul, because any part of your work will make your life more chips. This is the most important thing! In this example, I can give at least two examples of how a good developer is dug up by another new company and given shares to become a shareholder of the new company. At that time, there were many people working in the same department with such developers or working earlier. They often tend to be a little lazy and can do less with less work, sometimes I laugh at the silly person who works hard at ordinary times. After a few years, who is better than who?

2. Make more friends with market personnel. When you contact them, you may always feel that they have less knowledge than you, or even lower quality than you, and may be a bit more yellow than you. But they actually know this society better than you! Join them in this circle, gamble with them, chat with them, wash the sauna, and join together... you will come to another world through them.

3. Opportunities are far more important than money. Earning or earning money is not especially important when you are young! Whether in real life or online or elsewhere, if you have the opportunity to participate in development of projects or products other than your own jobs (including non-developer jobs such as your friends pulling you to do small businesses ), I am afraid that it is the nature of help. I also need to actively intervene. At least you will make many friends, so that you will have more opportunities in your life.

It's time to plan your own life path, at least five years, or at least a person with plans.

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