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ProgramMy views on employee career Find your interests

Many Chinese outside China are engaged in the programmer profession. I know a lot of such friends and find that many people are not happy. They just use this job as a tool to support their families. Many others work hard and cannot get started. I have been confused for a long time, but I finally came out. I would like to share my views here and hope to inspire you.

As the saying goes"Interest is the best teacher". This makes sense, but it is often not the case to use it in your career.In the age of students, you can follow your interests.Makes various ideas for the future.With perseverance and some luck, you can still go forward on the preset path in the later age of students, even smoothly. The vast majority of colleagues have fallen into the various traps of their lives. Some are struggling, some complain, and others are here.And accept the arrangement of life with the loser's mentality.

What these colleagues who have changed their lives have in common is that they no longer (dare or willing) raise their interest in their original career, if they have ever been. Of course, interest changes. But it is often difficult to keep new interests due to changes in life. How many times can life be changed?

Like many other professions, programmers can be divided into three categories: entry-level students who do not want to get started, and those who want to get started without getting started.My definition of getting started is: I like this profession and have constant goals and efforts.

There are very few entry points. If a programmer has been engaged in this profession and loves and is willing to end his life, I think he must be happy.

Any occupationThis is actually the case. My company has a young and beautiful person in charge of over 30 programmers (including me ).Software ArchitectHe is a simple and shy person, but he is so jealous of me that he loves his career. He does not seem to be able to eat fireworks, but he does not have any hobbies (he has to take off several times a year, but it is all arranged by his wife, and of course he also participates in company activities), but he wrote about it a few years ago.CodeRemember clearly. He does not have a degree to show off (a bachelor's degree in computer science at a small school in the military service room) and experience (because he is too young ), in any situation, I always smile awkwardly (I have studied him for a long time and found that he is really like this), but I know that he is blessed by creation. He can keep thinking about a problem and use it in the middle of the night.VPNChange the networkBug. I have met a lot of excellent programmers, and they are not as pure as they are.

Programmers who don't want to get started may have the highest proportion among the three. Most women, most families with heavy burdens, and most people with active Thoughts.

Programmer professionBeing dominated by male is a fact. After girls get married, their interests have changed most of the time. Programmers work hard and have high responsibilities, which makes them unappealing. Many programmers are smart and ideologically active, but do not like this profession. Some have been wondering how to start their own company, some research stock trading every day, and others just want to keep this job well and complete the assignment task. The first reason is that we think too much about our lives."Transparent"I think that a programmer's job is just a food and clothing parent. I think that programming is too simple and there is no investment. I can't see the way out. I can't make it a programmer for a lifetime. People have their own aspirations.

for some people programmers are only part of their life experiences and have their own goals. Although it in the past two years is not as hot as five years ago, there are still opportunities everywhere, many people seek opportunities by entering it as a programmer. However, for those who may have been engaged in programmer work for a long time, getting started is simply a waste of the talents that God has given. Over the years in the United States, I have known many friends from mainland China who have become programmers and have done well. A nearby company in the United States, software R & D department, has 20 people who have graduated from the United States from mainland China, most of whom graduated from a prestigious Chinese University. None of the 20 students has a bachelor's degree or doctor's degree in computer science. I want to use this example to explain how good the quality of the programmer team is. I should do something.

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