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"Received H1B" Kevin-Florida Dazhou Oracle School Recruit  * Kevin's photo with a partner

in the domestic IT market talent is increasingly saturated and competitive today, as a code 996 of the program Ape, you will also go to the United States work heart yearning? If the answer is yes, let's take a look at our September Exchange interview minutes! As a general college graduate annual salary can easily break 400,000 (RMB), I believe Kevin's job search and beauty drift experience will be inspired to you, let you understand the different program ape life.

Kevin Gao (hereinafter referred to as K): Graduated in June 2012, the same year in October to the United States. After completing the eight-month full-time study, a good job was found within one months, and a h1-b work visa was obtained this year. Micros System, Inc., currently serving at Florida State, with an annual salary of 65,000 (USD). Its company was recently acquired, so it is a formal Oracle employee starting next month.

Bingbing Xiang (hereinafter referred to as B): Maharishi West Management University graduates, MBA, five years of overseas life and work experience, now as the Maharishi West Management University School representative resident in Beijing, mainly responsible for computer paid master's program publicity and promotion work. The project has helped more than 200 domestic programmers succeed in the United States.

* To ensure the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information, the following questions and answers are supplemented and perfected.

About identity:

B: I heard you got your work visa this year, right?

K: Well, the May looks like the results were drawn, but the visa will not take effect until next month (October). Now the general company uses the premium system, so the processing is very fast. When I submitted my application on April 1, I knew the result almost in early May. At present, the employment situation is good, the number of applicants to sign more, the general quota in the first two days to submit applications were exhausted.

B: Is it hard to draw a job now?

K: This year's ratio is lower, it seems to be one-third, I mean the undergraduate, but there is a master's degree, the probability will improve a lot, can reach 80% or so. Since there are 20,000 priority places devoted to advanced degrees, it is possible to take two lottery rounds if there is a higher degree. However, the United States basically only admitted to the national advanced degree, if it is with the domestic master's degree is more well-known schools.

B: What if I don't smoke a work visa?

K: My current job is to use the Student sign Internship (CPT), our project time is longer in itself can be smoked two times ah. No more than the words can choose a few more courses, extend the project time, and then continue to smoke it. The students in our project, at present, my classmates have more than half all smoked. Another suggestion is that if both couples are planning to go out, they can both apply for a master visa (such as F1, H1-b, and others). So once one of the visa status problems, but also can be transferred to the other side of the identity of the visa, this is a double insurance.

B: Which companies can provide h1-b? Is it the only big company that can do it? Are there other types of visas that allow international people to work in the United States?

K: Most companies here support H1-b, few companies in the software industry do not support h1-b. But just as there are quota restrictions, some nonprofit institutions, such as schools and research institutes, don't count. There are other types of visa identities that allow international people to work in the United States, such as J, O and L (see the U.S. Embassy website for details), but not as common as Class H.

B: Do I need to re-h1-b or change jobs?

K: As long as the new employer admits you are a regular employee and continues to support your H1B.

Can you bring your family over after b:h1b? Can I take the child?

K: Yes, but the temporary H4 visa is not working, but I heard the policy will be adjusted. Children can be brought over, but also the children of the students are born here. The landing is a U.S. passport, but will need to wait until the children grow up to choose whether to naturalization.

B: What is the general approach to career migration?

K: I haven't come to that step myself, so I don't quite understand. Only know that the main walk are EB-2 and EB-3, will have a longer schedule, specific or to find a professional lawyer consultation is better. Individuals do not recommend immigration for the first purpose of the United States, because first if there is no solution to the work problem, there is no way to support themselves, sitting "immigration supervisor" really does not have any meaning, and secondly, did not come out before it is not clear to know this side of the situation, and whether they can adapt, whether like, so it is best not

About finding a job:

B: Does working in the United States have any age or gender restrictions or discrimination?

K: It is almost impossible to have a similar problem here, of course, you should have a legal visa status. Because relative to the domestic, the United States in this area of the law is very strict and very fine, not because of age, gender, nationality, ethnicity and other restrictions on your work. They think that these are personal privacy, in the course of the application of some non-professional details are also not mentioned. It is easy to get a lawyer to sue the company if it is rejected or dismissed for this reason. Taking our project as an example, more than 70% of the applicants are working experience in the country, the oldest of the students in the fastest 50, the company is currently located in a 60 of the Chinese people are still doing technology. Female program Ape is relatively rare, a class of about 30 people generally not more than 3 people.

B: What is the difference between the technical requirements of the job there and the domestic one?

K: I have no professional experience in the country, is after graduation directly through the mum project past, so this aspect can not share with you. Listen to people around said this work intensity than the domestic relaxed a lot. There are few requests for overtime in this company, Micros words have never been in the first year there are 10 days paid leave, 7 days sick leave.

B: How about the international people in my colleagues? Is there any cultural conflict?

K: There are more Chinese and Indians in this industry, which can account for about 90%. There are relatively few programmers in the native. There is no cultural conflict, but Indians generally have an advantage in language and are more likely to hold a group.

B: Is the job interview over there important to the algorithm? General rounds of interviews?

K: Yes, most of the companies are highly valued for their algorithmic and logical thinking abilities. They believe that soft power such as foundation and communication with others is the key to success. A lot of technical stuff can be accumulated through training and practical experience. The interview, I can only say my own experience, I almost two rounds of it. A round of electric (usually through Skype), a round-face, is to write code to solve problems and so on. Because I now this company and school seems to have some cooperation, so it is through their recruitment opportunities to recruit, the school's Employment Guidance Center recommended me.

B: Where does employment value your academic background and what kind of school do you graduate from?

K: Having an advanced degree definitely has an advantage in employment, but the degree must be recognized by the United States that the IT industry does not value your school brand or anything, and experience is more important. So the school employment Guidance Center will also have special people to do these ancillary work, they know more about what the company wants to see, and how to audit and screening candidates.

B: Are there any directions that are particularly hot, or do you think the future is better?

K: Relatively average, not as large as the domestic gap. There are two significantly different is: first, in recent years, the domestic iOS particularly hot, but this is OK; second, the domestic testing work is always underestimated, this side will not, the test can also be a low-level and well-paid job, the gap is not so large.

B: Do American companies have a lot of opportunities for direct domestic recruitment? Do you have a push inside?

K: It is not good to generalize, our company only has a direct from India, because he has a h1-b work visa. Personally, the direct recruit is not impossible, but the opportunity is indeed relatively small, because first of all by the visa status restrictions, and even if the company is willing to do the status of H1-b from October to enter into force to formally put into work, for enterprises at least half a year's time cost is too high. Apart from the very strong cattle, the general company will not Shejinqiuyuan, after all, the United States also has a lot of ready-made and experienced candidates with advanced degrees. Internal push is definitely the main way to recruit, and many people in our project find work like that.

B: How high is the language requirement for working there?

K: At least do basic communication barrier-free bar. Able to understand their tasks, discussions, and to express their views and opinions well.

B: What's the salary level over there? How much does the California Bay Area say? Do you have a pay rise? Is the tax high?

K: Salary levels vary according to region, company, and individual ability and work experience. My words because there is no work experience in the country, English is also common, so the salary is low, the tax before the annual salary of 60,000 points (USD). In the same batch of students, those who have work experience and work in California are usually twice times as much as mine, but the cost of living there will be higher. The salary increase mainly depends on the strength of the company and your personal performance, our company is about 3% to 5% a year. In the case of tax, the first thing you need to know is that the taxes are different in each state of the United States, and there will be differences in taxes on visas, age, marriage, children, and so on, with specific problems.

* Kevin's photo with friends (left one)

About life

B: Is there a high cost of living over there?

K: The cost of living, of course, depends on the region. The cost of living in Iowa is very low, and I'm in a Florida State, and the California Bay Area is a bit higher. In general, the salary level is definitely related to the local consumption level, so look for a job to see the salary can not only see the number of wages, but also to consider the local consumption and other factors.

B: What's the price of buying a car? What's the price of buying a house?

K: Buy a car is certainly more cost-effective than the domestic, the more high-end car spreads the bigger it. As we study, we can get a car for $ thousands of, and a little more for second-hand. Buying a house also depends on the city, if not in the California Bay Area as hot, generally 30 to 500,000 dollars can buy a very good house, and this side is generally not an apartment, but exclusive detached with lawn villa.

B: How much does the rental cost? What kind of house can I rent?

K: I rent this House myself now is bigger, have a living room, a bedroom, plus own kitchen, toilet, a small balcony, spend in the early 1000. Students in the same rent more, so the cost is smaller, the average city monthly rent will not exceed 800 dollars.

B: Can I use my driver's license in the past?

K: Domestic driver's license in the past can not be directly transferred to a short period of time for the transition. It is convenient to test the driver's license here, do not need to spend any money, 90% of the students have taken the test. Also divided into written tests and road test what, written test basic rules, after the exam can get permit, that is, you can learn to practice the car, feel the practice is almost, then go about road test on the line.

* Kevin at Universal Studios

Programmer's experience in the United States: Kevin-Florida Dazhou Oracle

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