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The most basic and basic English letters are of course 26 letters. Many may think this is too simple. However, it is often said that some people cannot pronounce these words correctly. It may be that the teacher who taught us previously did not teach us well. Or some people may have a local accent so that they cannot send these words correctly. Many of the information I found was obtained from the children's English website. Let's share it with you.

English letters are the 26 letters used in modern English and are derived from Latin letters. Currently, 26 English letters are the 26 letters of the basic Latin letters.

Letter name (Reference by Wiki)

Letter Letter name Pronunciation
A A /E branch/
B Bee /Bi workshop/
C Cee /Si workshop/
D Dee /Di branch/
E E /I Branch/
F Ef) /Ɛ f/
G Gee /D then I done/
H Aitch /E branch t branch/
Haitch (sometimes Irish English) /He then t done/
Hetch (India English) //
I I /A branch/
J Jay /D Required e branch/
Jy (Scotland English) /D then a success/
K Kay /Ke logs/
L El /Ɛ l/
M Em /Ipvm/
N En /Limit n/
O O /O branch/
P Pee /Pi branch/
Q Cue /Kju logs/
R Ar /ɑ r/
S Ess (es-for example, es-hook) /Ɛ s/
T Tee /Ti branch/
U U /Ju Jing/
V Vee /Vi labels/
W Double-u /Mongod then B then l ju then/
X Ex /Ɛ ks/
Y Wy or wye /Wa branch/
Z Zed /Z development d/
Zee (American English) /Zi Hei/
Izzard (a few dialects, such as Hong Kong) /Zookeeper z development d/


English letter background

English letters

English letters come from Latin letters, and Latin letters come from Greek letters, while Greek letters are evolved from Phoenix letters.

Phoenix is an ancient civilization on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean. Its geographical location is approximately the same as that on the coast of Lebanon and today. "Phoenix" is the title of the Greek to this region, which means the "Purple Country". It is named after it is rich in purple dyes. The Romans call it "bucket ".
In the 13th century BC, the phoenicans created the first batch of letters and texts in human history, with 22 letters (no vowels) in total ). This is the great contribution of Phoenix to human culture. Phoenix letters are the beginning of World letters and texts. In the west, it derives from ancient Greek letters, and the latter develops into Latin letters and Slavic letters. The Greek letters and Latin letters are the foundation of all Western letters. In the east, it derives from the letters of alamia, and thus evolved from ethnic letters such as India, Arabia, Hebrew, and Persian. Chinese Uygur, Mongolian, and Manchu letters also evolved from this.

Evolution of 26 English letters

Refer to: Baidu encyclopedia-English letters


Letter pronunciation and Testing

The following figure shows the pronunciation and pronunciation of each letter in comparison with Flash. Check whether you can correctly pronounce all words. In addition, this Flash has a test phase. You can test how much you actually know.



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