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Google released the open-source browser chrome! In the Internet industry, this message may be no less shaken than the 5th and 6th released by China. Google is a big crocodile in the Internet industry, and you can understand it with great enthusiasm.

To keep up with the technology trend, download a chrome Installation Tool and try it out. Download a chromesetup.exe file. Double-click it and start "Download Google Chrome ..." The download is complete and the installation starts. There is no "next step ...... Next ......", I just asked whether to import some existing information about IE.

Installation is complete, the first thing is to quickly open their own website "Computer Learning Network" and a few customers site, to see if there are compatibility problems, but fortunately, are basically normal. Another RSS subscription is broken. Unlike IE6 displaying XML documents, or IE7 directly displaying RSS content, IE6 is a large part of text that filters out XML tags, the format is lost and cannot be read. There is also a problem entering the background of your website. This is your problem-my JsCodeIt is mandatory to only know the browsers below ie7.0, and chrome is rejected.

It must be acknowledged that, as a webProgramClerk, I have an instinctive resistance to the new browser. Behind the fierce fight of software giants for commercial purposes, when Internet users cheered for an additional application software, I was worried about programmers: an additional browser, this means that when programmers write code, the complexity increases by a geometric level. In the past, they only did tests on IE and Firefox, and may have to do so on chrome later. With one more browser, the benefits of the thin client in B/S mode are weakened. If every powerful company is working as a browser, should we go back to the c/s era and re-develop our own document server and markup language?

Due to the commercial pursuit of browser manufacturers, Each browser intentionally or unintentionally creates a technical barrier, that is, there is a compatibility problem. Therefore, adding a browser means that the complexity of web programs (mainly the front-end) increases, and the suffering of programmers increases. This is the most taboo and helpless for programmers.

Therefore, from the perspective of programming, I hope that there is only one browser in the world that can enable our software to implement "cross-browser" and "cross-platform ". If the browser needs to be "colorful", I expect these browsers to comply with an industry standard or specification. The final result of the split is the user. If the user found that some websites had to use the corresponding browser that day, the advantages of B/S development would be lost.

Author: Zhang Qing (mesh)
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