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As a programmer, in order to achieve the ideal and strive tirelessly, every day to the computer radiation sitting on the work station for 8 hours or more, such as machines next to the machine-like job for the loss of health how much? To go on like this, it really should: "The job is not high, wages are not high, blood pressure, blood lipid and blood sugar high; political not prominent, business is not prominent, lumbar disc prominent" This sub-health state, the most terrible is the technical staff life expectancy is a bit scary, afraid of the last "not the first death, long make the hero tears full lapel." It's time to call a healthy question! No more nonsense, let's get to the point. What this brings is: programmer must have 10 big health equipment, let ' s go!

Equipment 1: Sandbags

"Yesterday in busy, busy today, tomorrow is busy, time does not exercise ah", we always complain about not allocating enough time to exercise, but this continues to let us have a worry about the day the body really so thrown abnormal. In order to improve the body's robustness, the recommendation here is----sandbags! Tie sandbags to the legs or hands, so take a step on the exercise, countless iterations down, the effect is quite considerable na!

Equipment 2: Back Back good

When the "waist acid back pain foot cramp", we can not expect every time to take the cover of the cover card high calcium to solve the problem. After all, to find the root cause, as a programmer, sitting on the job every day, it is easy to develop the habit of hunched. So, we have to use the killer: back on the back, so that every time you want to stoop to say that the pear is very big.

Equipment 3: cushion or Pillow

Using cushion to adjust the contact point between the human body and the seat and bed, we can get more comfortable angle to reduce fatigue, and help to protect the lumbar health and reduce the vertebral disease. At the same time a good appearance of the cushion for the environment has a good decorative effect, even in the lunch break, used as pillows also sleep more comfortable.

Equipment 4: mouse pad

Long-term use of the mouse is easy to develop carpal tunnel syndrome (prolonged disregard will form a stiff, deformed hand, fear), and a suitable mouse pad can slow wrist pressure. Dr. Dundee Mockenna of the University of Sydney Medical Institute in Australia offers three options for choosing a mouse pad, according to a magazine report:

1, do not choose too fancy mouse pad, because the diffuse reflectance of different colors, and colorful colors will lead to a photoelectric mouse running, resulting in wrist fatigue.

2, choose the thickness of the 2.5~4 mm between the mouse pad. Too thin, the inside of the wrist will rub the desktop: too thick, it will cause the wrist is vacant, resulting in carpal duct ligament pressure increase.

3, Plastic cushion permeability is not good, especially in the summer long time to use, the wrist is very easy to sweat. Recommend the choice of cotton mouse pad.

Equipment 5: Massage chair or Massager

The efficacy of the massage must not be known. Do you want anyone to massage at any time? Buy a massage chair, now Taobao on the also not how expensive, also 100多 points, but the massage chair sounds larger, may affect the surrounding people, online there are other massage device to choose from, such as: MIMO, dolphins and other massage device.

Equipment 6: Humidifier

The advantages are more, the market 30~ hundreds of everything, but before looking at the benefits before a reminder: It is best to buy a hygrometer, grasp this degree, too wet for the body instead of harmful

1. Moisten the air, purify the environment, prevent the skin tense, tongue dry, cough cold and other air-conditioning disease breeding.

2. Can effectively increase indoor humidity, moist dry air, and with the air floating in the smoke, dust combined to make its precipitation, can effectively remove paint taste, mildew taste, smoke and odor, so that the air more fresh, to protect the health of you and your family.

3. Prevent hot summer and abnormal dry winter cause human skin moisture excessive loss, accelerate the aging of life,

4. Add auxiliary agent, Aromatherapy Physiotherapy, such as: add plant essential oil or liquid medicine in the water, with mist distribution, full room aroma

Equipment 7: Anti-radiation isolation frost

Isolating ultraviolet rays, isolating the dusty air, isolating make-up and countering the computer radiation, this kind of equipment must be the essential product of the ladies ' colleagues. For a day with the radiation against the N-hour we, this can have.

Equipment 8: Eye Drops

As a dedicated programmer, we stare at the code all the time, the damage to the eye is the largest, once the eyes feel unwell, other parts of the body, especially the brain will appear dizzy to vomit symptoms, this time, for the eye drops a few drops of eye drops, This has a very good effect on alleviating eyesight fatigue and ocular swelling and sterilizing symptoms as well as sterilization.

Equipment 9: Cactus

You must have heard that cactus can be used to prevent radiation, but there are a lot of people on the Internet to refute this view, personally think, anyway, cactus is not expensive, rather believe that it has but not believe that it is not, buy a put in there to keep eye candy is also good, but must be careful ah, remember once someone who accidentally patted on the cactus, The result at home wail to pull out one hours of thorn ...

Equipment: Tea

China's tea culture has a history of thousands of years, this is a great thing, the benefits are too much:

Black tea: antibacterial, help gastrointestinal digestion, promote near appetite, can diuretic, eliminate edema, and strong myocardial function.

Green tea: Anti-radiation, lipid reduction, prevent cardio-cerebrovascular disease, cancer Prevention, anti-aging

Tieguanyin: Refreshing brain, Yishou Yannian, seven bubble fragrance, both green tea fresh incense green, and black tea mellow back gan.

Oolong tea: Eliminate fatigue, antipyretic prevention, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, detoxification disease, digestion to greasy, slimming bodybuilding


OK, of our Ten Big Health Equipment to this is finished, see this article you have gained?

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