Programmers National Day Overtime survey: Are you a holiday or have you been working overtime? (with overtime algorithm, at least 1711 yuan) __ algorithm

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Hope the Stars hope the Moon

The motherland's birthday is finally here.

Programmer Quick Moldy Body

Are you alive at the moment?

Think about the beautiful holiday

The sights I've dreamed of

Let a person stay even forget the snack

And you can happily pack x in your circle of friends.

I'm so excited not to.


I'll bet you with a dime.

The sights you see will be like this.

Front High energy warning

The Great Wall, you won't collapse.

Broken Bridge Ah, you're not really broken.

When the Ling, Huangshan squeezed into a cake

All say

It's a wonderful world out there.


There's a lot of people out there.

And also

There's a bunch of people who have to work overtime.

"National Day holiday, how to calculate overtime?"

If the employer arranges overtime work in 1-3 days, the employee shall pay the overtime wages in accordance with the daily or hourly wage of no less than 300% workers, and 4-7 days, the employer shall arrange the compensatory leave without paying the overtime pay, if not to compensatory leave, the daily or hourly wage of no less than the working person should be in accordance with 200% Pay overtime wages. If the 7-day "full overtime", according to the minimum wage, at least 1711 yuan overtime pay.

then National day you are a tourist party, lying at home ge you, or an overtime dog.

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