Programmers often work overtime and stay up late? Why didn't you give up when the programmer was so miserable?

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In fact, not only programmers can work overtime! A lot of work is overtime! It's normal to work overtime. As long as the company said a overtime, you can not work overtime? Do not work overtime, is impossible, this life is impossible!
Overtime and wages, really fragrant!

Why be a programmer?

A: I was forced by my mother.

B: I just want to steal my QQ account ...

C: Chat with classmates from a province long ago, "I can control your computer", in order to achieve this goal, then .... That's it.

D: I'm playing code for a meal, and when the interviewer asks me this question, I say I like coding, and I love programming.

Actually is like Bai, with a Daniel's words. is: "Write the code also give money, such a good thing on where to find!" “

We are pure love of the procedure, but the world is not pure.

Let us count the "seven great hates" that we have to force the programmer.

Killing a programmer does not require a gun, three times the need to change.

"Boyfriend write code ignore me, so I quietly get rid of a configuration of Web. XML, he did not adjust for two days, I told him, the result he wanted to break up with me, I am very sad, but his friend told me that he did not kill you just to show that he really love you ..."

"Landlord do not TM, programmer who come to girlfriend!" ”

"SB, who told you I was a woman." ”

Because overtime late found that programmers often stay up late have three drawbacks: first, memory is getting worse; second, counting is often wrong; and the memory is getting worse.

The leader was tied, blindfolded, startled and asked: "What do you want to do?" ", the other side does not have the words, whips, the leader begs for mercy:" Don't fight, want money? "And another whip," 100,000 enough? "And another whip," 1 million? "Again, a whip. The leader crashes: "What the hell do you want?" "What do you want?" I help you with the project, write the code and also want to know what the hell you want! ”

According to a programmer who did not want to be named, basically all the requirements of all customers can be summed up as the following couplet, allied: Easy to use interface good, Xia Lian: stable and efficient spending less, GUANGPI: immediately.

It engineer = Overtime addict + programmer + Test Engineer + Implementation Engineer + Network engineer + Electrician + loader + Porter + Superman.

A programmer's pipe broke down and he called a plumber to fix it. The plumber, who had been tinkering for one hours, finally repaired the pipe and handed the programmer a 600-dollar bill. "600 yuan!" The programmer angrily said: "I am a programmer can not make so much money in a day!" "Yes," he was. The plumber calmly said, "I was a programmer." "Hey, after reading the comics really feel that they have melted picturesque, feel their true portrayal."

Once upon a while, you were filled with blood into the Sea of code

In the years, you use the mouse keyboard to depict the future appearance

It's so bumpy--

Sometimes the needs of customers tortured, grievances can only be disappointed in the heart hidden

Sometimes a long-standing single troubled, looking for a beloved girl

Sometimes be added to the class bundle, hand holding a bowl of bubble face eyes with tears two lines

Sometimes oppressed by the burdens of life, Telework walked unsteadily


I learned not fine, I hope we can exchange learning together.
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Programmers often work overtime and stay up late? Why didn't you give up when the programmer was so miserable?

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