Programming cornerstone and Practice series of C language programmers must read 5 books

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Are you planning to learn C language by reading? "Books are the most loyal friends of mankind." Hemingway must know the importance of books to a person's life. Books are a rich source of knowledge. You can learn a variety of knowledge from books. Books can convey the author's intention to the reader without discrimination. The C language was developed by Dennis Ritchie in Bell Labs from 1969 to 1973. C language can simply compile the program into machine instructions, making it the most efficient language.

Why is C language so popular among programmers? There are many reasons behind this. First, it is platform-independent and can run on Mac, Linux, UNIX, and PC environments. It is the default language for UNIX systems and other systems of the same structure. At the same time, it is a multi-purpose language that can be used to write device drivers, desktop applications, embedded systems, and DBMS (database management systems). This means that you can write almost all the required programs in C language.

1."C programming Language"

The book was written by the father of the C language. It provides better insight into C language. For example, in the C language of the control flow, operators, data structures and function constructs, and so on, this book has its own explanation. All the concepts in the book have appropriate examples to help the reader understand. If you want to learn a better programming paradigm, code reuse or the importance of annotations. Well, this book is the best for you. The series of exercises after the book is challenging and allows you to improve through each exercise.

The book is not well read. But this is a must-read book. I suggest that you read this book after you have finished reading a simple tutorial. There are many chapters in the book that take a long time to understand and master in depth.

2, "C language programming: Modern Methods"

This book interprets the C language in a unique way. The C language has undergone some changes, and the book is an efficient introduction to these changes. The program in the book is written in pure C code, which makes the program very portable. This book encourages the reader to think independently and encourages you to find more effective ways to solve the problem. Students who are interested in C language, this is a very good classroom teaching material.

3. Absolute Beginner's Guide to C second Edition, author Greg Perry

"Update": This book also has the Chinese version of "written to everyone read the C language book", thank Liu Jiang in the comments added. PS: Amazon and other major e-commerce sites are not in stock.

The book, in its name, is written especially for programmers with no programming experience. This book starts with basic I/O commands, such as printf (), scanf (). On this basis, the data structure, the heap structure in memory, the loop and the custom functions are also explained. This book helps readers understand the C language more simply by explaining the pattern in a clear way. At the same time, the basic grammar and identifiers used in C language are also briefly introduced in the book.

4. "C Primer Plus" 5th edition

This is currently on the market, the most suitable for self-study C language books. You can find detailed explanations of all C programming concepts in the book. This book provides a short example of each individual concept to help readers understand better. For example, this chapter of the pointer embodies this feature. The Pointers chapter is one of the best written chapters in this book. Pointers are used to identify specific locations in memory and to store corresponding memory addresses. The latest ANSI standard C99 is referenced in the book. For junior programmers, this book is very helpful for learning basic concepts. These concepts are also used in other languages, such as PHP and Java.

5. "C Expert Programming"

Are you a C-language expert who is ready to further improve your programming skills? "C Expert Programming" is for you, it helps programmers understand advanced C language concepts. It emphasizes some of the best C language skills common to programmers. This book is very interesting and demonstrates the author's extensive experience in the sun system. The book also defines some traditional ways of programming, such as using different declarative methods. The book also provides a number of practical tips for programming practices, such as the differences between pointers and arrays.

In the beginning, it may be difficult to learn C language with books. However, these books introduce the basic concepts in the C language in the best way. With these books, you can start with learning the basic C language and go deep into the advanced techniques of programming in C language. It's important to finish the exercises in the book. In the process of implementing these exercises, you can effectively understand and learn the concepts. These books also provide the foundation for you to continue to learn other high-level languages, such as C + + and JAVA.

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Programming cornerstone and Practice series of C language programmers must read 5 books

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