Programming development must-read books: 10 books that every web developer should read [figure]

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Programming development must-read books: 10 books that every web developer should read [figure]:
When developers ask me what books they should read, I usually tell them that you read the book. Many developers read other people's code, and the best way to improve yourself is to read, and the more efficient you are, the more efficient you will be in your daily work.
In the future, we will discuss the 10 books that every web developer should read:
1. "The Moon Walk with Einstein"
Why do you recommend a book about memory training? Because the vast majority of developers today do not want to improve their memory capacity, the results are all dependent on mobile devices, in fact, today's programmers are difficult to separate from Google and stack overflow with the help of independent generation of multiple lines of code, in the programming process you will inevitably need to find some language specifications , or you can't think of a particular function, and finally have to take the time to search, but if it's all in your mind, it's different.
This book teaches a special kind of memory that maximizes the storage of what you want to remember in a particular room, and can be easily recalled from your mind when you want to use it.
2, "you Don t Know JS"
This book is a series of 7 books, they should be regarded as JavaScript Bible, each JS developer should put a book at the bedside, of course, you can also read for free on GitHub, the author provides a full version of each book, of course, it takes a lot of time to read them, But every reading will give you a whole new understanding of JavaScript.

3, "Code Clean Road"
Uncle Bob's book, I have been recommended in countless places, the book is a programmer to write clean code of the Bible, designed to help developers write clean code, thereby effectively improve the code quality, the rules are introduced in the years from the experience of Martin, has a high value for reference
4, "Software Technology"
The principle in this book is exactly the same as code cleanliness, and the only difference is that it focuses more on craftsmanship than on software science, and reading this book helps developers learn how to create value for their customers through software, which involves collaboration among stakeholders, Project management and the ability to become a true master of craftsmanship
5, "7 Languages in 7 Weeks"
"Seven weeks seven languages: Understanding a variety of programming paradigms" introduces seven different programming languages. For each language, the individual features, applications, and programming primer and key programming paradigms are introduced, and the reader is given the ability to use techniques that represent the most important features of the language to solve an unusual problem and make it fully available to each language.
6, "7 Databases in 7 Weeks:"
The seven week Seven database follows the writing style and styles of seven week Seven language, which leads you to learn and understand the most popular open source databases. After a brief introduction, this book introduces 7 kinds of databases in chapters. These databases belong to 5 different database styles, but each database has its own way of preserving data and seeing the world. They are in turn PostgreSQL, Riak, Apache HBase, MongoDB, Apache Couchdb, neo4j, and Redis.

7. The essence of JavaScript language

Today, JavaScript is developing very quickly. Some developers have not yet learned the basics, so they will focus on learning frameworks and libraries. This book will take you back to the most basic level of knowledge. .net / dushubiji / 6047.html) Reading notes excerpt good words and good sentences and comprehension to identify the good and bad characteristics of JavaScript, so as to extract the reliability and readability of the language as a whole And maintainable subset of JavaScript so you can use it to create truly extensible and efficient code.

8, "Think Rich"
The success of the software is similar to the success of your life, and Napoleon Hill's research has developed 13 platinum rules to build a successful system that never fails. The book was published in the last century, but its story also applies to the lives of today's successful people.
9. "The Complete collection of human nature's weaknesses"
From an outsider's point of view, programming is the most important skill for a software engineer, but in fact, learning to listen and communicate is the most important thing, simply having a hate idea, or being able to design something is great, but whether you can convey your ideas well to others is another matter, This book will teach you the basic skills of getting along with people, the key to peace and happiness, how to make people like you, how to win the approval of others, how to better persuade others, make your family life happy and so on 10 articles.
10. HTML & CSS Design and construction website
This is a good book for you to put on your desk, every time you read it you can learn something different, each page is guided by the short sample code, concise and straightforward to explain a new topic, you can use it as a dictionary, or as a tool to optimize the design of the site.

Programming development must-read books: 10 books that every web developer should read [figure]

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