Programming example of Tongda letter

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1. Volume
A, today than yesterday's volume magnified 1 time times:
Vol/ref (vol., 1) >2;

B. Today's 5th average is 3 times times larger than the 5th average of five days ago:
Aa:=ma (VOL, 5);
Bb:=ref (AA, 5);

C, today's turnover reached the entire circulation plate of more than 10% (note that 10% of the expression is 10/100 or 0.1):

2, the amount of shrinkage
A, today than yesterday's turnover reduced by 1 time times:
Vol/ref (vol., 1) <0.5;

B. Today's 5th average is half as much as the 5th average of five days ago:
Aa:=ma (VOL, 5);
Bb:=ref (AA, 5);

C, today's volume is less than 0.5% of the entire circulation plate:

D, two consecutive days of contraction of more than one times (linear shrinkage)
Every (V<=ref (v,1) *0.5,2);

E, 3 consecutive days of contraction
COUNT (V<ref (v,1), 3) = 3; or Nday (REF (v,1), v,3);

3. Rise
A, today's gains reached more than 7%:
Close/ref (close,1) >1.07;

B. The average price of 10th continues to rise:
Aa:=ma (close,10);
Bb:=ree (aa,1);
4. Fall
A, the day of the Sun:close>open;
b, the same day to receive Yin:close<open;

5, open, low
A, the day of high prices open, that is, open higher than yesterday's close: Open>ref (CLOSE, 1);
b, the price of the day low Open: Open<ref (CLOSE, 1);

6. Skip Empty
A, upward jump empty (day open above yesterday's highest, abbreviation high):
Open>ref (High, 1);
B, downward jump (open less than yesterday's high price, abbreviated low):
Open<ref (Low, 1);
7, the volume on the offensive
Aa:=vol/ref (vol,1) >2; {The volume is twice times that of yesterday}
Bb:=close/ref (CLOSE, 1) >1.07; {gains greater than 7%}
AA and BB;
8, softening Walk
Aa:=open>ref (CLOSE, 1); {Open Price is greater than prev.}
bb:=close>open; {Same-day positive line}
AA and BB;

9. High Innovation
Innovation high refers to the highest price for the most recent period of time:
HIGH=HHV (High, N);

Where high is the highest price for the current period, HHV (X,n) is the X maximum value in the N period. Therefore, the meaning of the formula is that the highest price of the day hit a new n-day high when the return value is 1, otherwise 0.

10, flat-plate finishing
Flat arrangement refers to the recent period of price swing within a certain range:
(HHV (close,10)-llv (close,10))/close<0.05;

The LLV (x,n) is the X lowest value in the N period. The formula therefore indicates that the 10th closing price amplitude amplitude is less than 5%.

11, today's volume is 5 days the average quantity more than twice times
V>ma (v,5) * *;

12. Stock price is the lowest since 25 days
C<ref (LLV (c, 25), 1);

13, change hand rate >3 points, increase >7 points.
V/capital*100>3 and (C/ref (c,1)) >1.07;

14, Yin turn yang (yesterday to receive the Yin line, today's Yang line)
Ref (c,1) <ref (o,1) and c>o;

15, step back 20th moving average
L<=ma (c,20) and C>ma (c,20);

16, on the 20th average of wearing
Cross (C,ma (c,20));

17. Gains
(C-ref (c,1))/c*100

18, the stock price 4 days in two days on the 10th line
Count (C>ma (c,10), 4) = 2;

19, 3 days ago There is a limit (fourth day trading)
Barslast (C/ref (c,1) >=1.0996) = 3;

20, 10 days within two times the stock of stocks
A, method one
Count (C/ref (c,1) >1.09,10) = 2;
B, Method two
Today trading: =c/ref (c,1) >1.09;
Count (present limit, 10) = 2;

Programming example of Tongda letter

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