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In many industries, programmers are well-paid occupations. In both foreign and domestic, the level of salary for programmers is generally higher than in other industries.
Collected a day nationwide companies published in the hook net recruitment data, a total of more than 9W, analysis of the major programming language heat and the degree of gold absorption.
It can be seen from the chart that the current location Java or the hottest programming language has 1.7W jobs need the Java language, the country's major companies to recruit the most, followed by the PHP programming language. Whether to recruit Android in China is still higher than iOS programming.
So what programming language can earn more money that. Because of the difference in wages in each province in China, first we use Beijing's data to analyze.
PS: The following calculation does not divide the programming language of junior High-level, unified computing.
It can be seen that the average monthly salary in Beijing Big Data is the highest, the highest heat of Java ranking 7,ios than the wages of Android, foreign monks good chanting ah.
The same job may be different in different industries, so to make more money, you have to find the right industry. Let's take a look at the most current jobs in the industry.

From the chart can be seen the Internet or the current company's mainstream industry, and finance, e-commerce and games and other industries are the last stage of the hot industry, and now basically developed into a mature company, so hiring or relatively stable, the following look at the national average monthly wages per industry.

China's current data age may still be in the heat stage, so the wages of the various industries to recruit data services are still high.
So look at how much Java in Beijing is paying in every industry.

Of course, each program ape can not only understand a language, so the program ape is not worthy of called the program Ape, and the company in the recruitment process ape in the job requirements will be accompanied by the need to this will. Let's take a look at the company's requirements when recruiting some hot jobs.
First of all, let's take a look at the requirements of Java, which are the most proposed by the company:

From the text cloud can see the basic SSH framework or the most basic requirements, JS, CSS and jquery and other foreground technology is also necessary. So whether you're ready to learn Java or find a Java job, the database is Oracle and MySQL. These basic Java knowledge must have the ability to interview AH.

We're looking at what kind of skills are needed in a data mining position.

In this duck you can see that you want to work in data mining, you need to master natural language processing and scripting language, programming languages need to Master Python and R. Most of the database requirements are NoSQL or MySQL. Knowledge of Hadoop is also required to handle massive amounts of data. These are some of the basic skills of data mining.
Students who want to work in this area must master it.

Of course, we can see whether it is the work of Java or data mining, the requirements of the project experience is very high, so whether it is in school or fresh graduates in the first year must have a certain degree of project experience can be more useful for future development.
In the north of the extensive software work on the employment side is very broad, wages are also very high. But many students still want to escape from the North Canton, the other cities of the employment of the software area may not go northward wide and broad, there may be no job to find the situation.
So we simply analyze the work of the software in other cities.

So the students who fled to the north can consider to Hangzhou, Chengdu and other cities, especially Hangzhou is a more suitable living environment.

PS: Now the average price of the house in Hangzhou is more than 2W, which is also higher.



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