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GitHub is already the world's most popular open source project hosting platform, with the number of projects now reaching tens. Adereth in the counting Stars on GitHub article provides an interesting idea, that is, GitHub users to mark the number of items of interest through the stars. To see what programming language is most popular with users in GitHub.

Let's use power bi to analyze it. First download the relevant data from Adereth's blog. Then use power query to pour into power pivot. Make a perspective on the number of stars very fast. Know the top 20 popular languages such as the following:

Further. We were able to generate a text of the programming language name in Excel according to the number of stars, and then generate the following text cloud by

More familiar to the individual java. Half of the projects are related to Android, and the popularity of object C is mutually reinforcing. C # is a bit of a force. The main focus is on the server side and Mono. Optimism can be understood as the Microsoft Transformation Enterprise application development is still more successful. Interestingly, there are often people who say that enterprise application development is high-end. Internet development seems to be more pediatric. But the facts on GitHub are the opposite. In fact, many things have proved this point, for example, big data and other applications are from the Internet and then introduced by enterprises. Therefore, enterprise development should be more agile and innovative, to avoid the portentous or even.

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Programming language prevalence analysis on GitHub

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