Programming requires no talent or passion, and programming requires no talent

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Programming requires no talent or passion, and programming requires no talent

In the past, no skill has ever been turned to this level:

Not only do you have to be talented, but you have to be passionate to become a good programmer.

It seems that those who write code have long decided to do this line. "When they are children, they plan to write code in the future ". If you lack one of these two factors, you are either a liar or not going too far. Either way, it is because you are not suitable for programming. This deep-rooted prejudice is not only completely wrong, but also harmful-but many successful programmers agree with this idea.

Jacob Kaplan-Moss (Django creator)

In this description, Jacob Kaplan-Moss points out:

It is extremely dangerous to become a "talented programmer. On the one hand, it sets a very high entrance threshold, and scared away many people who want to become programmers. On the other hand, it also troubles those who have already become programmers, because it means that if you don't have the "talent" of programming, then basically you will have nothing to do. The result is that, as a programmer, you spend all your time studying programming and working, which has a great impact on the quality of life ...... (Omitted )....... We need to get rid of this attitude. Programming is just a bunch of skills that can be learned. It does not require too much talent, and it is not shameful to become a mediocre program.

In his personal Twitter profile, he described himself as "not a real programmer", to demonstrate his deep criticism of this misunderstanding.

Jacob Thornton (creator of Bootstrap)

Jacob Thornton, a former Twitter programmer, now works for Medium and is the creator of Bootstrap. Bootstrap has earned more than 80 thousand stars on Github. He provided another counterexample in the following interview response to "programming myth:

Jacob Thornton hates computers

He said, "I hate computers." He looks very serious and has no joke at all. "I was going to study sociology in New School ."

Then he described his first job:

"I was hired to do a job that I was not even qualified. I may be fired every day. I worked so hard to learn more advanced Javascript language, because I don't know what happened in the Code ."
"I sat there, and my mind was empty. That's exactly how I got it done. I won't be fired, too ."
"The most real moment in my life is when the entire team of this startup company gathered around me and asked for an XHR request. I have never done it. I only know what it is. So I started to press the keyboard and refresh the browser, but nothing happened. I tried it several times. I started to panic. I was worried that they would know that I was a liar. Suddenly I realized that I forgot to add '. send ()'. After I added and refreshed it, the page appeared, and then the team members praised it. 'Oh, it's really cool! '. Then they went back to their desks.

This story sounds unrelated to the description of how "talented programmers" perform their jobs. So where is the motive for sticking to the programming path? Jacob said:

"My motivation is realistic, and when I don't understand or something looks bad in a specific browser, my front-end developers will tell me clearly. This is really good. So I began to want code and work with my friends ."

In his Twitter profile, he described himself as a "Computer loser ". In his most popular Twitter post, he described himself as "the worst engineer in the company, but it is the third cool ". This attitude is totally different from what we think of rigid programmers.

Rasmus Lerdorf (creator of PHP)

Rasmus Lerdorf's remarks are often controversial:

* In Fact, I really hate programming, but I love solving problems.

* Some people really like programming. But I don't understand why they like programming.

* I am not a real programmer. I will throw something together until it can work and then proceed. The real programmer will say, "Yes, although it can work, you have leaked the memory. We should solve this memory leakage problem ". I will restart Apache every 10 requests.

From his words, it is hard to see his passion for computers. Like Jacob Kaplan-Moss and Jacob Thornton, They sneer at Divine programming, so Rasmus Lerdorf may also call itself a pseudo programmer.

David Heinemeier Hansson (creator of Rails)

In an interview with Big Think, DHH mentioned:

This is actually quite interesting. When I am used to PHP or Java Development, I am always looking for something else to replace. I 've been searching for another programming language, another ...... Different things make me feel that the language being used is not that boring.
I absolutely don't believe that I will become a programmer when I work in PHP and Java.

His self-introduction seems unrelated to "computer genius. In the end, he fell in love with not the computer itself, but Ruby-the elegance of this language. If Ruby is not invented, DHH may be doing something totally different now.

From the above examples, we have proved that countless articles have objections to the myth of the old programmer. The following is a favorite joke of several programmers: from 59 interesting but authentic articles about software developers

Programming quotations

* One man's crappy software is another man's full time job. (Jessica Gaston)
A poor software written by one person will bring a full-time job to another person.

* Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.
Dummies write code that computers can understand. Excellent programmers write code that humans can understand.

* Software and cathedrals are much the same Plugin-starter first we build them, then we pray. (Sam Redwine)
Software is very similar to churches-First we build them and then we pray. (Sam Redwine)

If programmers have so many talents and passions, why are these jokes so popular among programmers?

I found some interesting quotations in a Medium article, which resonated with me:

* Someone always tells you that you are wrong in doing so.

* Someone tells you that you are not a real programmer.

* Worried that "geek cred" is equivalent to chronic suicide

This article undoubtedly challenges our traditional view of programming-it requires talent and passion to become a programmer. However, I only want to say to beginners who start programming that they are wondering if they are suitable for qualified programmers: Try different ways of learning and don't worry about qualifications, do not trust those unfounded stories or change your learning programming mentality. Don't give up, unless you are still confused after trying a variety of different methods. No need for talent or passion for programming!

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