Programming, what are we learning?

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For a computer programming contact for 2 years I, from the beginning, until now, are still in continuous learning.

So what does programming really do for me now? What can a computer do for us?

1. God, we are God for the procedure we do, and the computer world is not naturally shaped like the natural world, it is made up of us a little. So, in front of our program we want to do what we can do, we can use the code wantonly to create the world we want.

2. Of course, our world needs to have a hosting entity, then the computer. We want to build the world and rely on computer language, there are two types of programming languages. Structured programming languages and object-oriented programming languages. Object-oriented programming language, emphasizing that the whole world is composed of objects, what is an object, each of these objects have their own characteristics, we classify them, the nature of each object has a set of properties we can not change, only use. Just like you want to cook, then you have to have rice. This is the material that you can process. And in the computer world, what is it that provides materials and platforms? Then there is the language. Language gives you the foundation to build a program that you can use to get all the material you want, to process it, and get the finished product you need.

3. So what are we going to learn? Is the way we create these products. We're going to get to know what basic materials we can use, how many processing methods we have, and how they work better. Here are a lot of previous experience we have to learn slowly, slowly understand.

Programming, what are we learning?

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