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Waiting in line is a common daily phenomenon, such as starting a new Year's work, queuing up for a starter Apple product, and queuing for lunch at the cafeteria every noon. Waiting in line is ubiquitous and seemingly a simple phenomenon in our lives. Even a simple existence, but also has its complex side, when there are many queues, it becomes difficult to determine what each queue does; After joining the queue, people will produce: how long? Why did the team not move forward for a long time? and many other questions. Unexplained waiting is irritating, and unfair waiting can spark anger.

The students who have experienced the start of work should not be very bad for the memory of waiting in line, even feel good, is a memorable experience, next year should also go to attend. But the students who have gone through the railway station to buy tickets will probably not want to go on for the second time. Whether it's painful or pleasurable, waiting in line is sometimes unavoidable, is there any way to reduce the pain? Some psychologists have studied how to improve the pleasure of waiting in queues and put forward some solutions. In the near future has also done to improve the housekeeper in the progress bar experience of the optimization design, the following combination of progress bar design to introduce each one to enhance the waiting experience design methods.

Provide a clear conceptual model of experience

Conceptual models can turn confusing products or designs into a coherent and understandable design. Semantic symbols for the surroundings (the first day of work after the new Year, the memory of the past, the queuing guidelines on the big screen, etc.) can make us understand that the long queues in the building are to get the new Year's start. Yes, instead of going to the cafeteria to buy breakfast.

In the experience of using software, users are already very familiar with clicking the "Scan" button, showing progress bar instructions, and then waiting for the scan to end this whole process. So as shown in the following figure, the user clicks "Quick Scan", then appears waits the progress bar, such operation concept is conforms to the user memory, is easy to understand, the user does not have the doubt.

The waiting process should have enough feedback

The busy maintenance staff, the moving forward team and the growing number of waiting students have given us enough feedback to show that the goal is getting closer and the waiting line is reasonable.

Imagine if all the information was static when the progress bar appeared: the progress bar was not moving, there was no indication of the current scan progress, no number of changes, and the wait left the user with an instant of anxiety and discomfort, and they wondered "when will the scan finish?", "is the computer working properly?". In making progress bar optimization design, on a large number of information to provide changes, give enough feedback, so that users understand that the computer is normal, their waiting is reasonable.

Meet or exceed expectations

We are always waiting in line to wait for a long time with negative expectations. This can be used at design time to make a false impression that meets or exceeds the expectations of the user, which can be useful to enhance the user experience.

If the technology is not able to improve the efficiency of the scan, we can allow the user to be psychologically prepared before the scan begins, reducing their expectations. For example, before scanning can be used to remind users through the frame: the scanning process is long, please wait patiently. So to the end of the scan, the user may find that the scanning is not so long, this is in disguise beyond the user's expectations.

Distracting the user's attention

A time period with a lot of things will appear much faster than at a time when nothing happens. "The Age" is the truth. The classic story of putting a mirror in the elevator is to improve the user's waiting experience by using a distracting approach.

Many games are loaded with this method to improve the user's waiting experience, such as the seven-male hegemony in the process of loading will be "hit the mouse" games, the user's attention to attract small games, so that will not pay attention to load waiting things. A security software is also used in this way, when the user enters a longer scan waiting, the interface will be pop-up bubble prompts the user can enter the skin Center for the skin to play a change interface. From this point of view, the housekeeper can also be good to use, if the Butler has any new features to launch, you can use this form to introduce to users, that is, improve the waiting experience also played a function of propaganda role.


We dislike the people who jump the queue and will be angry about the unfair phenomenon. The test of pathology showed that even though all the queues were moving at average speed, they felt that their team was moving the slowest, no matter which team they were in. This is why the best queue design is to use only one queue so that people think they are treated fairly.

Back to the design of the progress bar, we use more design methods, in fact, just slightly slowed down the user in the waiting for the feeling of slow. We fundamentally still want to improve the product's own scanning efficiency and performance, so that users of our products are treated with the use of other similar products, the user is treated is the same, preferably beyond. Users have no reason to endure a poor performance of the product to bring their waiting pain, which is to let users feel that fairness is the most basic.

A positive start, a good ending

A long process of activity, in the memory of the feeling of importance to sort as: end, start, intermediate process. The end of the feeling of the experience of the whole process of the impact is the largest, if you can add a little happy at the end of the composition, even if the overall process is unpleasant, the user will still have a pleasant feeling throughout the process.

The progress bar is also designed to be optimized at both the beginning and the end. At the beginning of the scan, we made a fake move to the progress bar, the progress bar will move faster in the beginning, in fact, this distance is not related to the actual scanning ratio. For example, there are 100 files that need to be scanned, and the progress bar scans a file for a distance of 1% per move. The fake move is to let the progress bar start quickly move 10% distance, in fact, in the background did not scan 10 files, may only scan 1 files. This approach gives the user a positive start, and the user sees that they are already scanning and may do something else.

A good ending usually has an important influence in one's memory. In the housekeeper, when the scan is finished, it jumps to the results page, which shows the detailed results of the scan and gives a strong sense of achievement, such as not discovering that the virus will use a conspicuous green checkmark, and that the positive text will convince the user that his or her computer is safe. If the virus or computer problem is scanned, the interface will give users clear button and other special circumstances to deal with the way, so that users can easily solve the problem and make the computer back to normal. When the user finishes all the problems, it gives a sense of achievement to solve the success.

The demand in life is more than the resource is normal, we must face all kinds of waiting in line. The performance bottleneck of the computer is also temporarily unable to solve, hope this article can be helpful to everyone's design work, let wait no longer so helpless.

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