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1. bugfree

Official website address:

Demo address: account password are: Demo

Bugfree is a Bug Management System (XX) Written independently by PHP + MYSQL based on Microsoft's R & D process and Bug management philosophy. Simple, practical, free, and open source code

(Follow gnu gpl ). Bugfree has two meanings: one is to expect fewer defects in the software until there is no free, and the other is to show that it is free and open source code.

You can use it freely.

2. Zen Road Management

Official website address:

Zentao project management software (zentaopms) is a domestic project management software that is open-source and free of charge based on the lgpl protocol. It integrates product management, project management, and test management.

Integration, including transaction management, organization management, and other functions, is the first choice for small and medium-sized enterprise project management. Zentao project management software is developed using PHP + MySQL,

Developed based on zentaophp, an independent PHP development framework. Third-party developers or enterprises can easily develop or customize plug-ins.

You can also use the free hosting service on the Zen road official website.

Valve online address:


Demo address:

3. oksvn source code hosting

Official website address:

SVN version control. SVN is short for an open-source version control system subversion. Subversion manages data that changes over time. The data is placed in

In the Central Data Archives (repository. This archive is similar to a common file server, but it will remember every file change. In this way, you can restore the file to the old version or view the file change history. Many people will

Version Control systems can be imagined as "time machines ".

4. Google code source code hosting


Project hosting on Google Code is a fast, reliable, and simple open source code hosting service. Project hosting on Google Code allows you to: (1) create now

Any topic project. (2) obtain the Subversion code hosting with 1 GB of storage space and download hosting with 2 GB of storage space.

(3) It is easy to view code, check contribution, and maintain high-quality code libraries through integrated source code browsing and code check tools. (4) easy to use, flexible and powerful,

It can also adapt to problem tracker and project Wiki in any development process. (5) You can easily track your projects and developers by using star numbers and update streams.

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