Project Comments (Phase I)

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Team Name Team comments
1 Money Cat

1 interface is not very beautiful, later want to optimize

2 hope to connect to the database

3 function is not perfect, but the clock is still good

2 What to run?

1 theme is not very obvious, hope can be associated with the school's daily doing drill.

2 want to add login registration function, hope to adopt

3 interface is not too beautiful, single tone

3 Water Knight

1 Login Registration Not implemented

2 too few features to be implemented in the next phase

3 Recommended There are two clients, a buyer version of a seller version

4 Iron Big Cloud disk

1 Login Registration function is not perfect, hope and student Number link up, QQ connection idea Good Hope later implementation

2 are the resources uploaded categorized? Is there a size limit? Does the uploaded file upload to the local server?

3 people feel that the Web version is not easy to promote, can be made app

5 Weather Tips

1 cities can be more accurate when choosing, and search in order to facilitate more users

2 is it possible to implement the weather push? Is it real-time push? Can I make the weather forecast?

3 Since is a tip, want to add some reminders and their software name to link up, add their own highlights

6 You I

1 interface is a bit simple, want to add some of their own highlights features

2 is a chat software, hope not only to achieve the function of transmission text, but also can transmit voice, pictures, video, as well as recording timekeeping function

3 can learn from the QQ interface and function

7 Campus Trading Assistant

1 trading software How to achieve secure transactions, to ensure that the transaction information is true, what security measures? What is the payment method?

2 You can add a manager privilege for information management maintenance

3 proposed to compose the app, better to achieve later promotion

9 Wonderful Source Notes

1 Registration interface is a little simple, you can add something special

2 with server link function I hope it can be perfected.

3 functional aspects of the need to be able to classify and share the resources and other functions

10 Iron College Student Hui

1 can link to the school database, for the later promotion, peace Party x what is the difference

2 appeared garbled, hoping to improve

3 more practical one software, hope to achieve more features as early as possible

11 101 Teams

1 want the job module to be combined with the whole

2 can add additional information to check the function, user-friendly use

3 The job can be categorized and managed for users to query

12 Library Assistants

1 want to load the book's cover, user-friendly experience

2 The number of books interface is too large, want to add classification function

3 Sweep code function is worth learning from

13 Small Fen Qing

1 brush face function is too single, how to ensure its detection performance and safety performance

2 brush face function to what aspects, what is the use of the lock screen phone?

3 interface needs to be perfected, later want to add some other functions

14 Sleeping Monkeys

1 The interface should be organically combined, not too much contrast.

2 have garbled, hope to improve later

3 Is there a limit to the music you can add? If there is, want to improve later

15 are all potatoes.

1 The connection to the database is not implemented, hoping to improve later

21 sweep code is too simple, now many software comes with

3 Why do I need to sign up for a scan software? Is there any need?

16 Days Study

1 Why should I set traditional characters? It feels like a B-grid.

2 No link to the database, hope to improve later

3 The implementation of the function is a little blurred, how this software to attract users

17 Duo to Hair

1 more features, the interface design is very beautiful, the implementation of the function is great

2 hope to beautify the interface text to make it more beautiful

3 can add a recommendation feature for user-friendly use


1 people feel this software practicality is not strong (PS: iron big too small)

2 can integrate the interface, personal feeling now inconvenient to use

3 Altogether is the map should show the route on the graph

19 Bar Candy

1 interface design can be more beautiful

2 How to implement mobile phone queuing function? How to ensure that users use mobile phone queuing will not and the business hall of the queuing system conflict?

3 The database should be adding some features that are not perfect at the moment

Where are all the 20 dollars?

1 interface Some do not look good, hope later perfect

2 features slightly less, but remember the account is worth learning

3 want to add classification function, make the function more concise and clear

21 Some people

1 Change the subject, the target is not clear

2 Learn from the information of seniors hope to innovate on this basis

3 redouble

Project Comments (Phase I)

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