Project Planning Phase-party B requires something to be stated in the project cycle meeting

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Large-scale construction projects, after the start of the B project both sides, we will carry out a full range of project planning.

As a party. In the Category B project weekly, weekly meetings should be requested in what party report. This is a necessary factor in the success of the project.

The project is started, and the project management plan is progressively intact in the course of the project. In the subsequent weekly meeting of the project, party a generally requires party B to make a statement as follows:

(1) to require party B to give a milestone plan, at the time of the deadline to give a phased deliverable and its description;

(2) to require party B to work out a list of risks for the past period of time, including risks that have occurred, known unknown risks. These risks involve at least the scope, time, and cost aspects of the project.

(3) require party B to provide the necessary clarification and explanation for the important work request given by party A in the past period of time.

This is called the communication model in the project stage, that is, the two parties agree on a certain key information without deviation;

As for party B's detailed project management work and how the project is carried out, without reporting to party a. Party A should also ignore these content, to focus on the follow-up project. If there is a supervision party to supervise the project. The supervision Project division directly replaces the requirements of party a listed above, and reports to party A on the supervision work and the progress of the project.

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Project Planning Phase-party B requires something to be stated in the project cycle meeting

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