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When I see the title, many people may complain that I am a title party. Haha, many people may think that an ordinary college student has no project experience at all, he Lai's project management experience is just a blow. If you want to think so, I can't, huh, huh. In fact, I feel that the quality of project management is not proportional to the strength of a person's technology and the amount of project experience. Of course, people who have no experience in a project will certainly not be able. Whether I am an expert or a layman, let me talk about it.

Project management is a branch of management science. It refers to the application of specialized knowledge, skills, tools and methods in project activities, so that projects can be controlled by limited resources, achieve or exceed the set requirements and expectations. Project management is a whole process of activities (such as tasks) related to successful achievement of a series of goals. This includes planning, Progress Planning, and maintenance of the progress of the activities that constitute the project. In fact, I feel that the most important thing in project management is the personnel management in project development. If a project manager makes everyone in the project team angry and sad, I feel that such a project manager is the most failed. We all advocate people-oriented, so we may wish to calculate an account. This account was a teacher from Dana who came to our school for publicity and called me into the office to calculate an account. First, in the software industry, what is our cost? Let's talk about our brains. Each person has a computer, and there are tables and chairs in our office environment, even calculate the electricity cost of our computer. Think about it. Of course, we exclude hardware-related projects, and the cost of hardware-related projects is not easy to calculate. Therefore, removing staff is almost all our cost. But how much does it cost. Therefore, we can see through this algorithm that in the actual project development process, "people" is the real project cost, that is, the project development personnel are the key elements that determine the success or failure of project development, therefore, if a project manager does not pay much attention to the development personnel of the project team and does not manage the project well, why should the project be successfully developed.

Main content of Project Management

The project management content we mentioned here is mainly based on the project development process. Generally, there are two methods for project management: the traditional method needs to identify a series of steps to be completed. RelativelyAgile Development TechnologyProject is regarded as a relatively small task, rather than a complete process. The purpose of Agile Software development is to minimize management fees to develop standards, reviews, documents, reports, meetings, and permits. each user's needs are seen as a user story, he particularly emphasized face-to-face communication between users and developers. Such user requirement analysis is far better than most tedious technical documents. Of course, I know something here. To learn more about agile development, please take a lookMr Chen Yong's blog. I heard him talk about these fur things. So here I will not talk about agile development. Next, let's take a look at the main content of traditional project management. In the traditional project management method, project development is divided into five stages:

1. Start the project: Start a project, including initiating a project, authorizing a project to start a project, appointing a project manager, forming a project team, and determining project stakeholders. Don't underestimate the start of this project. In the future development process, he will be able to play a key factor in determining the success or failure of the project. If a project manager is not appointed well, the entire development team will be unmotivated, resulting in chaotic team cooperation. If a project team is set up, there will be conflicts between the team members, it will inevitably affect the team's cooperation and development efficiency. If you are sure not to talk about the project stakeholders when you start the project, the developed products may not be sold. These factors will lead to a project development failure, so the success or failure of the project is undoubtedly determined by the quality of the startup project.


2. Project Planning:Including formulating a project plan, determining the project scope, configuring project human resources, developing a project risk management plan, preparing a project budget table, determining the project budget table, formulating the project quality assurance plan, and determining the project communication plan, develop procurement plans. Project planning is an indispensable step between project development. First, you must develop a project plan and a reasonable development cycle for the project. It is best to divide the project into several short-term development plans, which is conducive to understanding the progress of the project.


3.Project execution: When the initial conditions required in project initiation and planning are met, the project starts to be executed. The project execution here is not only the beginning of code, but also the design and architecture of the project, project analysis, and relevant documents. During the project development and execution period, as a project manager, you must grasp the project development progress and supervise the project development.

4. Project Monitoring and Testing: Implementation, tracking and control projects, including implementation projects, tracking projects, and control projects. This can be summarized as the project execution step, which includes strict project testing.

5. Project Completion:It is also called the final project, including the project handover review, the final project contract, and the project administrative ending. The end of the project is not necessarily the completion of the project. As a project manager, you should help the project developers to summarize the project. This will enhance the development experience and personal abilities of the developers and improve the overall level of the next development to a certain extent.

Top 10 principles of Project Management

In terms of project management, the Chinese culture has never been lost in Western countries for five thousand years. Looking hundreds or even thousands of years ago, the great Chinese nation has put forward its ten principles for project management. You can take a look:

1. to do well, you must first sharpen your tools;

2. The name is not a regular expression, but not a regular expression;

3. Keep yourself straight;

4. Make sure everything is ready;

5. Do not cut firewood by mistake;

6. Overall Planning;

7. There is no rule to make it a perfect match;

8. Speed is not up to speed;

9. The fire of firewood is high;

10. I do not know what to say.

As I mentioned earlier, the biggest cost in project development is people. Therefore, if we want to save costs, we can reduce this cost by reducing the employee's salary, this can greatly reduce costs by improving the efficiency of employees. This requires the project manager to be clever. The cleverness I am talking about here is not how to let the project manager think about how to trap our most lovely programmers. Instead, it uses a user-friendly method-Project incentives. Project incentives are indispensable. Many enterprise managers believe that project teams are arranged by the company and do not require any incentives. I don't agree with this point of view. After all, a project is an "extra" job for employees and must be motivated. The author believes that the project team focuses on positive incentives, small projects have small incentives, large projects have large incentives, and careful use of negative incentives. Sometimes, some department heads do not participate much. Instead, they only arrange their employees to participate in the project team. Do they need incentives? The author thinks it is necessary because he is the supervisor of the project participant after all. His attitude determines the degree of participation of subordinates. Therefore, he must be motivated. The motivation here also requires skill. Many people think of it as a financial incentive. In fact, this is also one of them, and it is also a good method. However, this money will be spent on the edge, and it will be skillful, it is possible that the reward of 100,000 Yuan is not as good as five hundred yuan.

Project management misunderstanding

1. Read dead books and stick to the management methods and concepts in the books.

2. I highly overestimate my team's abilities and feel that no one in my team can compare them.

3. In order to complete the project as quickly as possible, developers must develop the project with the most participants

4. coding is implemented when the requirement analysis is unclear, and there is no sense of direction in project development.

5. The technical backbone has the right to express its own views and ensure the project manager's majesty.

6. work overtime to provide production. As long as the project can be completed as quickly as possible, the number of exhausted employees is also worth

7. pay too much attention to documents and regard them as the developed compass.

Project management tools

Currently, online project management software for various industries at home and abroad include mytodolist PHP, Baihui pm, zoho pm, wangtian information appfarm, and Google spreadsheets. Online free (Trial) project management software includes: Zen road software, Basecamp, comindwoork, goplan, quke, Yidu (SAAS), teamoffice (SAAS), etc. Among them, mytodolist PHP, Baihui pm, zoho pm, and teamoffice (SAAS type) are very suitable for SMEs and project teams. For some industries, most of them need to customize their own project management processes due to the complexity of project management. The appfarm of trademanager information can meet these enterprise needs.

Advantages of project management tools

1. Easy to share and use

2. systematic management of project processes and documents

3. Low Cost

4. Free trial for scattered and remote offices

5. Suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Some versions are free for small projects and a limited number of users.

6. provides an online project management tool resource for the collaborative work management platform that breaks through the space and time constraints

The above points only represent personal points of view. Due to insufficient personal experience, it may not be too comprehensive. Please forgive me and learn from each other. If you have any good comments, please comment.

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