[Project management] I must have this ability: even if I do not write a line of code, I also want to analyze the effect of this field on our system as a whole

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Absrtact: In the project execution, the team must have a know constantly to the project inside accumulate code "camera", sweep to each corner of the project, see Add in, Project will "malnutrition"? Will the project "Suddenly hibernate"? Does your team have such a person?     I want to be a part of this: even if I do not write a single line of code, I also want to analyze the effect of adding this field to our system as a whole. It suddenly occurred to me today that I was talking to my colleagues a few years ago about a project that was not very good (something that I thought could not be delivered). I remember the canteen in the basement floor, in the corridor I clearly remember the words "we lack a whole project to control the People"The so-called overall control is actually talking about a person who can prop up the project." This person has the ability to:1. Filtration of requirements, over-rate in the sense of demand2. Understand the entire system of business, and when encountered in the team did not do things, can be resolved immediately, especially the discovery of unclear requirements3. Ability to analyse needs, especially capacity to reject demand4. Because the project to half, so the data structure, the popular point is the database to add a field, the impact of other places is how, do not add to it?in particular Add, modify database fields, affect all points, this if not changed, is the data on the error, it is difficult to findI am really strange, why do I know the need for such a person, and no one likes to do? If you do, you're going to have a life cycle of this project, which is more meaningful than writing code. Scenario 1: Last week, go to a friend's house, he told me about his project group 8 needs (anyway a lot of meaning), he also showed me their requirements document, my friend is also a programmer (a fat programmer, like to write code, often study how to turn 50 lines of code into 10 lines of code of the kind). "Can you read it?" Can you handle it in one months? "I laughed without words. Then I turned out a document from the computer, the document of his previous Lenovo, which I could handle in one months. I looked closely at the 2 document differences:1. One months can be done with a sequence diagram, the flow of data is very clear, and the diagram shows the identification of each step, in the following is described in detail, although the page tableThe show is crude, but development is sufficient2. Now in the use of the document description is very simple, straightforward, but it is just collected over the demand, need to re-mining (said to be the needs of the acquisition, are feeling a bit that, demand at leastThere is why, why, even do not understand the place mark Yes)I said, "What are you going to do with all 8 of your needs?" "I only listen to the project manager" "Delivery?" "The project manager is responsible for" ... "Later or an architect?" ” "Some things are not the architect can solve, some things are not code can solve, like Lu Xun, learn to heal the nation is not good .... "Summary: Multiple requirements will only make the project more rotten, no matter how many people you need, there must be a total responsible person, he is the integration, comb the needs of the staff, and is to convert intofunction of the people, in this situation, can only first put the organizational structure of the needs of a good comb itSuddenly think of a former friend said, "the demand can only be one, more, do not know who to listen to." I just want to say to myself: even if my line of code is not written, I would also like to analyze the effect of adding this field on the whole of our system.

[Project management] I must have this ability: even if I do not write a line of code, I also want to analyze the effect of this field on our system as a whole

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