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During the project development process, people often lament how well the team can be brought and how easy it is to use. Nowadays, the team is complicated and difficult to bring. Many people think that they are "looking at the Heights" and constantly looking for better treatment and other units. In fact, this phenomenon is also common in today's society, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises. After all, driven by economic and other interests, there are several people who will be overwhelmed by money. However, the so-called "Good birds choose trees and habitat" is the best only for themselves. Therefore, some people stick to their positions. as a project manager, in the current situation, how can we retain people and give full play to their work enthusiasm?

  1. project ownership

What is the contract amount of a project team member? What are the components of the project cost? It is estimated that few people can answer the question, and many project team members do not know what they are doing. They just follow the assignment and finish their work, there is no concept of time, cost, quality, or the value of your project. For example, for a 0.5 million project, the total cost includes three parts: pre-sale, implementation, and after-sales. If the tax refund cannot be made, the tax will be paid. The implementation includes the workload of preliminary research and feasibility technical solutions, the workload implemented by function points, the workload related to project management, and the trial run and final workload. Generally, the project has a free maintenance period of one to two years, and the after-sales cost should also be included. Think about the amount of money that can be spent on functional points in implementation? Therefore, each project team member must have a sense of ownership and Cost awareness. Do you invest more in your business than in your business? Where is your value? In addition, we should not only share good news with members, but also communicate with members about some of the difficulties and problems in the project to enhance their sense of participation and responsibility, in order to improve the enthusiasm of the project team members and take everyone as the responsible person, not just the participants, so as to motivate the project team members to develop in a better direction.

  2. Parallel material rewards and spiritual rewards

Of course, building a sense of ownership is just the beginning. The focus is on material rewards and spiritual rewards, especially spiritual rewards. The marginal utility of material rewards is quickly reduced and will not last forever. Rewards are mainly used in two aspects: one is to inspire and encourage the parties to work harder; the other is to enable other project team members to see what they encourage during project activities, in this way, we will also work in the same direction. rewards have the dual functions of behavior enhancement and demonstration.

In rewards, we must establish principles of fairness and justice. It is best to quantify and make them more transparent and not biased. Why are rewards? The reward criteria are uniform for every member.

In terms of material incentives, some project funds can be extracted as incentives, or quarterly plans can be set up based on the workload, rather than waiting for the year-end awards, through irregular short-term incentives, it will also have good results.

In terms of spiritual rewards, to recognize the value of members, many people are very stingy with the praise. In fact, this is not the case. Think about it, no matter how much achievements the project team members have made, as managers, what problems will this cause when I keep saying nothing? From the perspective of employees' self-esteem and self-respect needs, it is not conducive to the development of work. In the exchange meeting of project team members, we should reward the outstanding performance. Imagine if a member can solve a problem that has been plagued for many days, it is a victory for the Members themselves and a joy in their hearts. At this time, we will praise all the members of the project team, and the effect is naturally self-evident, it is far more useful to make employees feel moved than to raise salaries.

  3. give full play to everyone's advantages

It is necessary for the project team members to feel that they have the opportunity to do what they like and what they are good at every day. They also have the opportunity to learn and grow at work. The so-called good use of people, as managers, must give full play to the strengths of each person, in order to highlight its value, imagine, a programmer who likes coding, you asked him to do other tasks that are not very relevant to coding. The result is as good as you can imagine. If he is not passionate about his work, he will definitely leave the project team. In addition, as a manager, it is necessary to give full play to the initiative of each person in charge, so as to create maximum value.

The above are just a few simple points, and there are other measures, such as a comfortable working environment and interpersonal relationships that are easy to communicate.

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