Project management note (7)-cultural output and marketing of the DRP system

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Project Management Manual (7) -- DRPSystem cultural output and Marketing




Recently, I have been talking to friends in the IT circle about how to ensure the successful implementation of the project and maximize the application after the information project is launched? Coincidentally, I saw an article "How CIOs can" be marketed to it "in a magazine some time ago, about digital Zheng Xiaowei The story that lady uses the IT project as a marketing project. Seeing this article, I am not aware of it. This article solves the problems of easy and difficult to mount it projects during our actual work. Why? It is easy for the boss to nod his head to implement a project, but if the project goes up and fails to achieve the expected results, it will be difficult to come down. Although there are thousands of reasons for the project's failure, however, this is the same as that of people who are ill, but poor health is the main cause. Poor information culture in enterprises is also the underlying cause of project failure.



NBAAnd Information Revelation brought by Korean dramas


At the same time, NBA events, haolunu movies, Times Magazine, epsn sports news, and fortune forums have not swept across the world, so that everyone on the globe is concerned about them? I remember that the Korean drama "Grand changjin", which was popular a year ago, occupied a large volume of domestic media and entertainment versions. In China, due to Korean drama and Korean stream, people have a subtle sense of closeness to Korean culture. South Korea has become one of the main destinations for overseas travel, and Korean food is a popular fashion, korean apparel has become a clothing label from south to north. The effect of Korean cultural trends on its economic output has to be amazed. I am also thinking, if we make the enterprise's information culture as strong as the American culture and promote it globally; if an enterprise's IT project is as exquisite and popular as a Korean drama, why can't it achieve the "great business" of enterprise informatization?

The launch of the DRP project always has a good reason for every CIO and the value it can reflect. It will always be implemented after careful consideration, otherwise, you cannot convince yourself, the boss, or the IT Department colleagues. This project cannot be carried out. But who are we still facing? That is to convince our employees that they are also customers of the IT Department. It is said that our food and clothing parents are not too good, the success or failure of a project is a very important indicator for their acceptance and in-depth application. We are in a hurry for them to use IT tools to solve their business problems. Such immediate projects should be implemented smoothly. After all, these benefits are actually true to them; however, if we implement a project from the perspective of cost control, resource saving, and standardized procedures, the IT department will often find that it is doing a thankless job. So far, many enterprises do not dare to mount the DRP system because of the long cycle of such projects. If the enterprise does not have a good information base, the majority of employees will not sell this account, although the number of problems can be mandatory through the system, the knowledge and data itself are soft assets, focusing on quality and utilization, this is not only because the system can solve the problem. If you need to solve this problem, as a CIO, you need to consider how to shape the corporate culture while outputting the information culture. The so-called "Information Culture output" refers to the old saying of Marketing: "at any time and place, information culture communication is carried out in any way, guiding the information awareness of relevant personnel of the enterprise."


Information Culture outputs "Smooth things and silent things"


The output of enterprise information culture can be varied in form. In general, some marketing theories and Human Resources enterprise culture management theories can be used to guide the practice. It is particularly important to note that the output of information culture does not start a typical Chinese-style "movement" only when a specific project begins: Start a mobilization conference to carry out a rectification campaign, let's say it's a unified idea; let the top leaders be handsome, and let us decide what kind of "Shang FANG Bao Jian" they want; post big posters, make banners, and make things like holidays; I even stopped my work from the business department and listened to project-related training or lectures for several days, saying "brainwashing ". In this way, we have to make the entire company feel restless, and complain. In this case, I think the effect may not be satisfactory.

I remember a poem called "sneak into the night with the wind, and let things shine silently", which is used in the output of information culture. I think this is the most appropriate thing, for example, holding it classes in the company every month, we have trained some it dynamics and IT skills related to enterprise business departments, and guided the theoretical knowledge of Enterprise Informatization. Over time, enterprise employees can gradually reach consensus with the IT department and quickly accept new things. If the IT department can combine the information culture output with its own IT Project Implementation Plan, the implementation effect will be more obvious, generally, some preliminary preparations will be made three months before the implementation of the project, such as the relevant skills and theoretical knowledge of IT department employees; when the IT department staff can reach consensus on the project-related knowledge, they can then spread knowledge to the employees of other departments and instill our theories and ideas into them, the next step is the migration and implementation of the project. Everything is done so naturally. This can also be referred to as the "Water Wave Effect" of information promotion. IT managers are the center of knowledge transfer in the IT department to form fluctuations, gradually transfer this "Knowledge wave" to the entire company, and then to the terminal of the enterprise, eventually forming a resonance.

The NBA became a popular player in the world. Ten years ago, it was because of Jordan, the everlasting God. With his omnipotent power, his heroism played its best in the NBA. At the same time, it also makes fans around the world crazy. haolunu movies create one "blue wave" hero, and then push this hero to the world one by one, it has attracted the attention of countless audiences. Now, with Yao Ming in the NBA, Chinese people regard rockets as their own teams, and Yao Ming has become a hero of the Chinese. In this process, the American culture is inevitably spread. This is enough for our informatization personnel to find out what kind of information technology is used to pack, highlight the highlights, and even find and use the Informatization "hero" in the industry ", there is still much room for us to explore to shape the Informatization "hero" in enterprises.

At the same time, the output of information culture also requires scientific planning. Otherwise, the chaotic promotion will not only sound worse than the sales of small traffickers in the street, what's more serious is that the business department may have doubts about its ability to work, or even trust in IT knowledge itself. If you want to promote it again and cook a new meal, it will be difficult. When the IT department needs to output information culture within the company, it should pay attention to the following principles:

I, The goal principle and good ideas have correct goals. long-term, medium-term, and short-term goals all need to be planned and implemented in a planned manner.

II, The principle of consensus and the success of cultural output depend on the ability to reach the widest consensus within the enterprise and promote the ability to gather people.

III, The one-in-one principle, full participation, only after a consensus on Informatization can be reached in all corners of the Organization, once a project needs to come up, the foundation is solid, and the implementation is naturally successful.

IV, Effectiveness is the basis of incentives.

V, The empirical principle emphasizes scientific attitudes and is good at using facts and data to speak.

VI, The principle of intimacy is mutual trust, mutual respect, and team spirit.

At present, Enterprise Management in China has gradually moved from "moving around" to "refined work. Enterprise Informatization is doing fine work, and projects are like farmland. But if the land is home, it's easy for us to get tired, the IT project's "plow" is also easy to break, and the "ground" of enterprises is not necessarily deep. If we can plant some grass and often add some water before the farmland is cultivated, we will not only make it easy for the "old cows", but also make the ground plow deep enough, in addition, the soil quality is quite fat. How about "irrigation!


Information Culture output practices


With so many concepts mentioned above, what can we do if our DRP system is to be mounted and "success? Here are some of my practices:

1, "Kan Dashan" during dinner: This trick is mainly used at the top and business managers of enterprises, especially at the business manager level. Since everyone eats at the company at noon every day, when you eat, you can't avoid eating and "chatting with mountains", or even ordering food. However, when the food hasn't come yet, people will always chat. At this time, it is a good time for you to promote your information culture. Generally, I will first ask the manager of a department to say, "is your mobile phone new? Which one is it? Is it smart? I heard that *** I have bought a good one. I can use the company's WAP mail and instant messaging system. Now he is not good at it, now, I don't need to carry my laptop on a business trip. The last time I logged on to our Instant Messaging System at Pudong Airport, I thought I was looking for something, it turned out that this guy was asking me to turn off his laptop. He said that he was in a hurry and didn't turn off the computer. The instant messaging system on the computer was always automatically logged on, and both sides were scrambling." In this way, the eyes of colleagues will surely be attracted.

In short, looking for new IT products, digital topics, it news topics, and even sports, such as football and basketball, may be directed to it or information, after all, "informatization is everywhere ". Over time, it will also make colleagues feel the benefits of IT systems, or utilize the convenience of IT systems. At this time, you need to build any IT systems, the conflict caused by ignorance of informatization is naturally much smaller.

However, this method is only limited to a small scope, and can be used for the company's senior and middle-level management personnel. Therefore, if the boss learns how to use a computer to stock up one day, it must be a good thing. At least he will certainly use the mouse in the future. You don't have to teach him how to use the mouse so hard.

2, The infusion and learning of benchmark management in the same industry; the vast majority of enterprises will have a benchmark, which is the direction for enterprises to learn and catch up with each other, in addition, the company's top management should also find some talents from such benchmarking companies to serve as the backbone of their own company. However, enterprises that can be your benchmark will certainly succeed in IT system construction. At this time, the company's senior executives are told: "the success of the company is inseparable from the construction of its IT system. For example, they have invested RMB million, A ***, ***, and *** system has been built to enable their ordering orders to be delivered within 24 hours, and the shortage control is below 5% .... ". Under your indoctrination, the company's top executives will be interested in how much of their IT systems will play. At this time, you can encourage the boss, can you consider taking the lead to the same industry enterprises to visit? This is because enterprises in the same industry may be more sensitive to visit, and IT managers may also lack resources. If you can find a proper DRP supplier, they will arrange for you to study and visit the benchmark enterprises in the same industry, and you will be able to let the company's senior management and business managers go out and have a look. After reading this, the company's senior management will generally have feelings. At this time, we joined hands with business managers to suggest the company's internal information construction, I guess the IT manager can basically achieve what you want to achieve.

3, We started a "Computer Training Course" for enterprises. The above mentioned courses are mainly aimed at medium and high-level enterprises. In this case, the resistance of enterprise IT system construction comes from both middle and high-level, the power from the grassroots level cannot be ignored. To this end, we generally select an IT engineer to cooperate with the human resources department to run the "Enterprise night school" based on the actual situation of the enterprise, so that employees can learn computer knowledge for free, may include office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) Operations used in the work, or operations performed on the company's DRP system, there are also courses on network security, Trojan prevention, computer virus detection, and basic hardware fault handling. This aims to improve the IT skills of employees, all these trainings will be recorded in the employee's archive. An evaluation indicator of employee promotion is the number of enterprise trainings you have attended and how many points have been accumulated. Based on my experience, many employees are willing to participate in such training. After all, the improvement of computer skills is very useful for personal development, it also plays a plus role in your own promotion and is more willing to participate.

4, The "Information Section" of enterprise newspapers and periodicals: When an enterprise is a relatively large scale, there will be internal newspapers or magazines of the enterprise. I generally require that a section be set up for it in newspapers and periodicals, the content can be diverse, for example, the grassroots staff *** are skilled in system application, and the data error rate control capability is a publicity report at the forefront of the company; or what plans the company has in terms of informatization and what results the plan will achieve after implementation are all propaganda channels. Of course, newspapers and periodicals can also report the situation of IT engineers working overtime overnight to solve any problems. This is to make it department work more easily recognized by business departments, by increasing publicity and increasing the exposure rate, the business department will cooperate more with the IT department in the use of IT systems.


The above tactics have been put into practice by myself. After proposing the concept of information culture output and marketing, I hope to have more it friends to share your valuable experience.


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