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"In fact, I will smile very brightly ." This is my opening speech at the company's year-end summary meeting. Many of my colleagues who have worked with me often feel that "I am very serious ." The crown is like this, but the White words are: "Xiao Yu, your face stinks ."

In fact, I often concentrate on the computer in my work project, so others seem to have a serious look on my face. This kind of look gives people a nervous feeling, at least I don't have much happiness. In addition to this kind of architecture, others think this is serious. This is even true for my work communication. My face is very scary and I am communicating with my colleagues. Sometimes people who do not know the details will think that I am reprimanding each other.

For years, I have never been concerned about this problem. After all, it is hard for me to feel that this is a big problem. I am serious about my work. After all, it is not a picky mistake. It was not until several things in the new team that I realized that I needed to adjust and improve myself. I reflected on the cause, process, and result of the incident, I recalled the current multi-band team. In the past, I gradually found the problem in the reflection process. "Why is my team always missing something, what is lacking is the vitality of the team."

When the current team was just set up, there were not many people in the initial stage of the project, and there were three people in the early stage of the project. I and the other twoQA(That is, the tester) enters the project to do the analysis of the preliminary project, one man and one woman twoQAIt should all belong to a cheerful personality. A girl just graduated from college and belongs to the kind of out-of-the-box, passionate and unlimited type. on weekdays, she just liked to laugh and even ran to participate in singing competitions outside the company, we also held a delegation in the company. Boys and girls have similar personalities.

I didn't find any problems when I was working with them until I heard a feedback one day, "I don't know why I am afraid of Xiao Yu. When I ask him some questions, he turned his face, and I always felt wrong." After a girl complained to others, the listener may feel a problem and convey it to me. The girl's desk is close to me. She often turned to ask me questions about Project Work at the beginning, but then she gradually reduced the number of questions, don't ask until the end. I don't care about this. After all, as the understanding of the system increases, there will be fewer problems. But looking back, she did not have a problem, but did not dare to ask? Why? I tried my best to make a memory in my own mind. After some simple questions or the same questions were asked again, in the answer process, you may feel more serious and even impatiently.

Your casual performance directly caused a problem. The team's atmosphere seemed to be lacking in vigor and anger. For two originally cheerful and lively people entering the team, it is like entering the concentration camp, and all their vigor seems to have disappeared. I have considered these issues many times, and every time I build a team, I also pay close attention to personal issues, it is hoped that all members of the team can communicate with each other in an integrated manner, so that the team can communicate smoothly and work efficiency can be highlighted. Therefore, every time people work with each other, they also try to consider whether they are introverted, extroverted, or male personnel.

All project teams do not mean that they can be called teams if they gather together. All teams should have good communication with each other, have a tacit understanding, and learn from each other, it is possible to give full play to the advantages of each member, and each member can be learned and sublimated in the team, as well as experience their own sense of accomplishment. In this way, it can be called a team, and a group can only be called a group. For a group, it is very difficult for them to exert their best strength because of various constraints.

This incident was not very deeply touched by myself. Later, the girl left the company because of her learning reasons and asked her to sit down and reflect on her own shortcomings.

Mu Zi entered the team later. At this time, all the members of the team were in place, and the project development work was also carried out according to the original plan. Everything went smoothly. Because the project cycle is tight and many tasks need to be handled by myself, all team members are working as hard as they are, all the requirements of the customer are also carried out as scheduled, and the quality is also very good. This phase lasted for about half a year. During this phase, I did not feel anything wrong with the team members. suddenly one dayHRPeople came to me and communicated with me about the old problem.

HRSometimes I will regularly contact some employees to learn about their work conditions and problems. Mu Zi is a major Member of the company's staff club, so it is alsoHRThe object to be searched.HRSome of the problems she mentioned during her communication with Mu Zi were reported to me. As soon as mu Zi entered the project, she felt that the pressure suddenly became very high and she had no idea why, but as soon as she saw me, she felt a lot of pressure, and began to worry about wrong things, And I always felt that I did not trust her. This tense atmosphere lasted almost half a year, now she is a little overwhelmed and is preparing to ask for another project team.

ListenHRI think we need to communicate with Mu Zi. After she enters the project organization, the work schedule is relatively tight, there is no separate conversation or communication with them. Today, I need to talk to Mu Qi to find out the problem.

I asked Mu Zi to go to the meeting room. We sat down at the separate tables next to this table. I carefully looked at the girl sitting in front of me. Mu Zi just graduated for a year. In the past year's work, because I am not in the same project team, I only know the technical performance through the side. But as a member in charge of the Staff Club, being active and active is my intuitive judgment on her, this is also a key reason why I chose her to enter the project destination. Like masters, Jack and others are all introverted, So I specially selected an activist who hoped to adjust the atmosphere of the team through her to solve some of the tension caused by busy work. Today, it seems that my original intention has not been met.

The wooden son sat on the opposite side, leaning towards the chair with a stiff face, and the tense atmosphere was clearly written on his face.

"Haha......"I smiled hard and hoped to dispel the tension in the air." Don't be nervous. I want to talk to you casually ." How far-fetched an opening remark can even make you feel that the words have no effect.

Mu Zi looked at me and smiled at the corners of his mouth. It was a response.

"Well, you 've been in the project team for almost half a year. How do you feel about our team and this project ?" I did not dare to go straight into the ground and ask why I felt nervous.

"I feel like everyone is nervous. "Mu Zi answered after half a day.

"Well, yes, because this project is a new starting point for the company, we need to ensure that this project meets the requirements of customers and exceeds their expectations. So we had a hard time in the previous phase, but after the project was on the right track, everything should be better ." I feel like I am looking for an excuse for the official version.

Mu Zi listened to his face without any expression, as if he was listening to me for a Single-stick show.

"Do you think there is a gap with your earliest hopes after entering our team ."

"Gap ?" It seems that this question has opened the topic of Mu Zi. She looked at me and shook her head and said, "I feel totally different from what I thought before ."

"Completely different ?" This answer surprised me.

Mu Zi's remarks seemed to have been opened at once and continued: "I also know that our project team has just been established, and our work is heavy. Everyone is nervous, but from my personal perspective, I feel that the work you assign to me seems to be insignificant. I am also watching what others do. I think I can do it too. However, I feel that you do not trust me. It seems that my ability is very poor and I cannot do it. After so long, I feel that I have no sense of accomplishment. In addition, I think you are too serious at ordinary times. Your seriousness also makes us feel a lot of pressure, so we are afraid of mistakes at work......."

Mu zi said a lot in one breath, and when talking about tears, he could not help but flow out. From Mu Zi's point of view, he also hoped to learn more in a short time and express his abilities, reflect your learning achievements through work and gain a sense of accomplishment. However, due to the division of work and the internal atmosphere of the team, she had doubts about her ability and persistent tension for a long time, so the original openness was gradually eroded.

"First of all, I don't trust your ability, because the division of work needs to ensure time and quality, and some work is not assigned to you, but it doesn't mean you cannot do these things, in the future, I will adjust this gradually. Of course, I will not let you deal with the most important part of the project at once. However, you can try to understand those problems first. It can be assumed that all these problems are for you, how do you deal with it? When the work is finally delegated to you, you can easily."

"I have to apologize to you for being serious at work. Sometimes, when I'm not talking to everyone and saying I'm not feeling well, my face may look bad, I did not think that my seriousness caused tension to the entire team. This is my problem. I will pay attention to these details later......."

She talked a lot with Mu Zi. This is the first time since she was near the project team. She talked about how to learn, what to learn, what to work, and what to do outside of work, and how to view the problems in the project team and a self-criticism. Since then, I have noticed some details about myself at work, such as avoiding being too serious during a meeting, and expressing my own emotions and tone when I communicate with my colleagues. I am telling myself that I need to adjust it. Mu zi also understands the work arrangement and his learning. However, it seems that he is slowly restoring his original cheerful nature. In subsequent projects, it also performed quite well.

"A soldier bears a nest ." This also fully demonstrates the role of being a team leader. For the entire team, the generals are often a benchmark and a reference for other people's code of conduct. In the team, the characteristics and temperament of the generals often determine the overall style of the entire team. The vigor and characteristics that all teams can express are also the characteristics of leaders from a certain perspective.

This is true for any team, and software development is no exception. Any company is talking about what kind of team I have and how many age structures my team members have? In these cases, if we are a project manager, We need to calm down and think about ourselves. Our problems have been implicitly transferred to the team to form a climate, maybe this is not what we want, but many people are not aware of the root cause of the problem?

When you are a project manager and have led your team in hard work, why are you still working for your team? Why can't your staff always meet your requirements? Do not point all the points of the problems to others. We need to look in a mirror for ourselves to see if the problem is on our own. Then examine others. Find out the problem from yourself and then build our team.

Author:Yice (Xiao Yu)


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