Project Manager interview questions

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1. Please talk about yourself

* Question intention: You can learn about each other in a short period of time through this question. You can also see the other party's expressive ability and personality.

2. Why choose our company?

* Intention: Check whether the other party understands the background of the company, and whether the other party really wants the job, not just exploring the path.

3. Why do I select this role?

Comment: The Past "great achievements and great achievements" should be cited in a timely manner to show your proficiency in this position, but avoid over-exaggerated descriptions or just showing off.

4. What are the expectations of this position?

Comment: Before answering this question, you may first ask the company about the responsibility identification and ownership of this role, because the situation of each company is different. So as not to talk about a bunch of ideal ambitions, but find that the bull is not right.

5. Why should we select you among many interviewers?

Comment: Don't overdo your own capabilities or open your check in a box, for example, the business that will definitely bring money to the company, etc, in this way, it is easy to give people an unrealistic feeling of saying things.

6. How do I arrange my own time? Will overtime work be excluded?

Comments: although no one is willing to work overtime, they still need to show high degree of sincerity.

7. Why did I leave my previous job?

Comment: First, you should never start to count the supervisors or companies in the past as soon as you hear such a problem, hoping to win the sympathy of the other Party. This will only make the interviewer feel that you are a responsible person, even worse, employees who love to complain and complain, if the other party happens to know your former supervisor and are still quite emotional, this will lead to a huge increase. Second, try to convert the cause into objective factors, such as organizational adjustment, conflicts with the defined career plan, and other problems, rather than the ability of the organization.

8. What are your plans for the next five years?

9. Talk about the successful cases you have done in the past.

Comments: Here is an example that you are most confident in. Let's clarify the ins and outs, rather than saying a lot, but there is no point. Do not exaggerate your words and take the credit of others as your own. Many supervisors will call your previous supervisor to ask for your opinions and opinions in order to ensure that they are the most suitable person, therefore, if you lie, it is easy to wear gossip.

10. Talk about the most frustrating things in your past work experience.

* Question intention: to understand the frustration tolerance and mediation methods of the other party.

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