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What do project tracking follow? It is aimed at three aspects of planning, task and project members and is intended to understand the actual progress of the project. Understanding of the completion of the work of the member, the completion of the entire project plan and so on.
Project tracking is necessary because it proves whether the plan can be executed and whether it can be completed. Because the plan can be tested, if planning and tracking are used as a work cycle, the plan will be improved in due course, as there will be a large number of irregularities in the planning that are found during the tracking process. Now our project, there are many plans to do not enough, which can lead us to improve and improve. The project tracking implementers should be project managers, as the project manager formulates the project plan and the project manager is empowered to coordinate and mobilize the work. In other words, the main purpose of tracking is to give the project manager a reference to work. The tracked results and data are "the best textbooks".
The following benefits are:
1, understand the work of the members. once a task has been assigned, the project manager should be aware of the progress of the work, and he will have to communicate with the project members to understand the situation of the member. So the message he wants to get is "can not be done on time and in the value and quantity?" If not completed on time, you need toWhat kind of help do you want? "This is what the project manager is most concerned about. and need to be collected at any time. If the information is not collected, then the project manager loses his knowledge of the project and loses the opportunity to adjust it in time, so that the consequences can be imagined, project delays, confusion ...

2, adjust the work arrangement, rational use of resources. If there are several or dozens of people in the project team, it is possible to complete the task sooner or later, the completion of the early can not idle, the completion of the late to drag. This will require the project manager to work on the adjustment. Then the tracking results and data can helpHelp the project manager to complete the work.

3, to promote the improvement of the plan content. project staff, and follow-up, this will inevitably require the project manager to make a detailed plan, the plan must be clear tasks, clear the task of the responsible person, the start and end time of the task is clear. This requires the project manager to divide the whole project into several parts. For detailed considerationDivision of Labor. The project manager's tracking will inevitably lead the team members to develop their own work plans in a more detailed and reasonable way, and ultimately a welcome scenario, which is the hierarchical structure (project plan, stage plan and individual plan) that the plan shows.

4, to promote the project manager's understanding of personnel. after the decomposition of the work, should be in accordance with the personal expertise assigned to work, because expertise is efficiency. So the project manager must be aware of the project members. Even if you do not understand this at the beginning, this information is quickly reflected in the tracking. That means withThe project Manager makes an assessment of the members, and the assessment is based on (the results of the project tracking).

5, to promote the project workload estimates. there should be an estimate of the workload in a good tracking tool. The estimate of the workload is always inaccurate, and the problem is not a task/plan, or work ahead, in the track. After this situation, it is also necessary to urge the project manager to consider the workload assessment (including the workload of the whole project, the workload of each task, may lead to the modification of the whole project plan).

6, statistics and understand the overall progress of the project. This is often the case when the project team is working at different stages at the same time. At this time to grasp the progress of the work, especially the overall progress of the grasp is more difficult. If the project manager divides the stage clearly, and the stage workload is clear, and the project member evaluates their workload (percentage of tasks completed), the overall progress of the project can be automatically generated by the tool (percent completed). This is certainly not very accurate, but it can be used as a reference. And it's a good reference.

7, in favor of personnel assessment. the working ability of project members (whether the task is completed on time, the amount of work done ...). A lot of information can be reflected). In terms of tracking, it is the project manager's initiative to understand the project situation. However, project members should proactively report to the project manager, especially at work. The so-called "no problem is the problem". Now we need a good tool to build and refine our tracking work.

Project manager's Project tracking

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