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In fact, I have almost finished project planning and management, and I think it is quite simple. After all, there is not much access to this part. Sorry.


However, it seems that two questions have not been answered before, right? How to improve work efficiency and control risks? What I introduced above for risk control, in fact, most of them are risk control. There are only several types of risk control: out-of-date risks, overspending risks, quality risks, and staff Loss Risks. Through the devplan warning mechanism and several report analyses, we can minimize or minimize risk loss.


To improve work efficiency, project planning and management need to be involved, so it is also a very important part. However, unlike risk control, a third-party tool can be used to help achieve most of the work, because of his involvement in human management, it is actually the most difficult to manage people. Everyone can understand this, and the boss can also "understand" it ". At present, there are only a few ways to improve work efficiency on the people side. One is to improve welfare, increase wages, send bonuses, and often have activities, training, and complete medical insurance; the second is the ability assessment + Survival of the fittest to stimulate the progress of employees themselves; the third is to improve inter-department and inter-department performance, the collaborative work efficiency between employees indirectly increases the work efficiency of employees.


For the first method, you can only look for a good boss in a good company, I think most companies should want to make good use of them, but I believe our company has made great use in these two places, didn't we introduce how we can get a lot of actual work data from the system, such as the quality and quantity trend of submitting bugs in QA time? Through these actual data, therefore, employees generally accept this assessment method because of its relatively accurate data. For collaborative work, the current techexcel system itself is a big platform. Each department works on a single platform and shares a lot of data. Therefore, the efficiency of collaboration is particularly high, it can also be seamlessly integrated with other OA software, such as outlook and word, to increase productivity.


Now, I have finished talking about it. The project planning and management introduction is over. Thank you!



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