Project set Management Research Center expert translation and review project set management standards

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Project set Management Research Center expert translation and review project set management standards


(Beijing, July 4, 2014) Program Management Research Center under the International Project Management Alliance) professor Yang Kan and Deputy Director Lin Yong attended the translation and reviewed the project set management standards (the standard for progra management).


The introduction and promotion of project set management standards will certainly improve the practical level of large-scale project and project group management in China. If you are an Enterprise Manager interested in the research and study of this standard, industry experts are welcome to participate in the exchange, study and discussion of the standard, and jointly promote the application and development of project set management in China.



Director of Project Management Research Center, Professor Yang Kan

Project set management standard first edition translation and second edition Review


Translated by: Lin Yong, the first project management expert in China, pgmp

Pgmp certified expert, deputy director of the project set Management Research Center


The standard for Program Management


Standard Development Units of project set management standards:

American Project Management Association

Project management lead UE


Published by project set management standards (Mainland China ):

Electronic Industry Press


The project set Management Standard (hereinafter referred to as the "standard") developed by the American Project Management Association provides guidance on how to manage the project set. The project set management standards summarizes the global best practices for project set management, which has a high degree of guiding value for managing strategic-oriented large projects, project groups, and complex projects. Currently, this standard is the third edition.


The project set management standard ground-breaking puts forward the following core concepts to guide the project set management:


The standard correctly defines the project set from the attribute features that are specific to management, not just the surface, in terms of scope, change, planning, management and success, it is pointed out that it is different from the project and project portfolio. PMI pointed out that a project set is a group of projects associated with projects and sub-project set activities that cannot be achieved when they are managed separately through coordinated management ". "Mutual Association" and "multiple projects" are the property features of the project set, while "coordinated management" is the best "benefit" of management.


The standards point out the core orientation of project set management, that is, strategy orientation and benefit orientation, which are consistent with strategy at all times and actively seek for changes and opportunities, to maximize the benefits (integration benefits ). This is completely different from project management. project management is guided by successful delivery results within a limited scope, time and cost, and quality indicators. Meeting delivery requirements is the success criteria pursued by the project. Due to the pioneering and complex nature of the project set, the project set has higher uncertainty and is more vague and dynamic, while it is significantly different from the "clear goal" and "control change" Features of the project.


Project set management standards propose five performance domains for project set management ), they are strategic consistency management, project set benefit management, project set stakeholder acquisition, project set governance, and project set lifecycle management. In fact, the standard points out the five management focuses that directly affect the project set management performance, and points out the work direction of the project set manager.

At the same time, the five performance domains contain 72 management tasks required by the project set manager. 72 management tasks were obtained after PMI launched a Global Survey and Research Plan (RDS) for project set managers in 2011. In fact, 72 management tasks provide specific guidance for the project set manager's management work.



About pgmp Certification: Value and opportunity


The American Project Management Association developed pgmp in accordance with the project set management standards.®Authentication. Pgmp®The evaluation team (Panel Review) is used to evaluate the management experience of the project set manager and the knowledge of the project set manager on 72 management tasks in five performance domains of the project set management. After both are passed, PMI issues the pgmp®Certificate.


Currently, pgmp®In the rapid development and promotion of the world, more than 1000 people around the world have been in short time. Pgmp®It is PMP's upgrade certification, which is a strong proof of the project manager's cross-Senior Project Manager and senior management positions. Currently, Chinese pgmp®The number of certificate recipients is very rare, far below that of the United States and developed countries. Pgmp®The future and gold content of certificates in China are very promising.


Join International-Project Management Alliance

Program Management Research Center)




Project management refers to the centralized management and coordination of multiple associated projects. Project set management is an advanced management of large strategic projects and multiple projects in the organization at the higher level. Project set management is of great value in helping enterprises implement and implement their corporate strategies and to help enterprises implement their overall solutions.


Project Management Research Center (Program Management Research Center) is the first project management center in China, established by a well-known domestic Project Management Service Organization to create an international project management Alliance) professional project management institutions for research and practice. By introducing international project and management standards and systems and integrating domestic projects and management practices, the center aims to promote the deep improvement of China's project management level, train a group of senior project management professionals who can control large and complex projects and project groups to provide support for improving the operation capability of large projects in China.


In 2012, the project set Management Research Center took the lead in launching pgmp training courses in China and supporting the pgmp certification service. It became the first professional institution in China to launch pgmp certification training courses and services, in the past two years, more than 200 trainees have been trained and the world's first pgmp certificate holders have been trained. 90% of trainees who pass the pgmp certification in China are center students. With more than two years of experience in the course, the Alliance has formed a complete certification and training and service system, and has achieved leading achievements in the pgmp certification field in China.




Co-creation International-the project management Alliance is the governing unit of the China Project Management Research Committee and the Standing Council Unit of the Beijing Project Management Association. It focuses on project management, project management and R & D management, rich experience in consulting and training services in engineering, manufacturing, IT and communication industries. The Project Management Alliance has hosted and co-organized national project management academic and application Summit forums and conferences for many times, starting from 2003, project management training courses, enterprise internal training courses, PMP and pgmp Project Manager certification courses were held all the year round. More than 30000 project managers were trained for enterprises and institutions.


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