Project source code was "stolen" by good friends! It hurts me so bitterly! Encrypt python source!

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In accelerating the development of today, the Internet is a double-edged sword, both to enable the rapid development of the software industry, but also to make it visible everywhere free resources. A software enterprise wants to develop rapidly, technology is very important, security is also very important, they exist at the same time to ensure that the software's intellectual property rights are not infringed, to achieve business value. Today we will talk about how the software developed in Python language encrypts the source code and the comparison of the effects before and after encryption.

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Safety Technology

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Before encryption

In the case of Pyinstall packaging, files are used to decompile Log_322.exe, and log_322.exe_extracted folders are generated and PYC files are generated in the folder.

A folder will be generated in the same directory after success

Add several bytes using 010 editor and rename to PYc file

Note: Here and Python version about, Python27 can be extracted directly to the PYc file, Python34 also need to add a few bytes

Then use the Easypython Decompiler tool to decompile the PYC

After the success of the directory will generate a dis file, the generated dis file can be opened with a text editor, see the source code

The source code of the Log_322.exe post-compilation

After encryption:

Note: Different packaging method principle, source storage location is different, so need to protect the specific modules are also different

After encryption, the attempt to decompress the Log322.exe fails, it is no longer possible to decompile, and cannot be parsed using the regular anti-compilation tool.

Based on U3D encryption!

Project source code was "stolen" by good friends! It hurts me so bitterly! Encrypt python source!

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