Project Sprint-The next day

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The next day of the sprint has come, my cold good, teammate but sick, hey apprenticeship not Czech AH.


Members: 031302301 Bijong

031302302 Cai Yixuan

031302430 Shaoyang

031302418 Huang Yanning

Meeting content:

1. Stand-up meeting Photo:

2. Project Burndown Chart

3. Project Progress

① completed the initial interface for landscaping and audio files

4. Project difficulties

① How to navigate, if the use of 2D maps need to draw their own coordinates, but this way is a bit wrong, has not been successfully debugged, but if the use of 3D map, there are ready-made functions can be called, but the map does not appear.

② for geo-fencing, if used in a circle, there will be a point in the two store area

5. Experience

① did not think of the beginning of the positioning we trapped, suddenly slowed down the development progress, geo-fencing is not done, today only do a few scattered development.

② teammates encountered difficulties, concerted efforts, we all encountered difficulties, but should encourage each other.

③ don't hit the code when you have a fever.

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Project Sprint-The next day

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