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After such a long period of stumbling finally will be the computer room charge system Most of the functions have been done, but there are many problems exist, there are many places to be open to discussion.

At the time of testing, the most problematic problems occurred. Since there is no access to software engineering, even testing is haphazard. In the process of system development, but also with their own feelings to do, no software planning, no requirements analysis, there is no outline design and detailed design, directly into the code writing phase, So there is no norm to speak of.

This system is more amateur, so inevitably there will be omissions and problems, of course, this is a programmer to grow up on the road must go through a section. The following is a summary of some of the problems of the system, for the future development of the system to accumulate experience.

At the time of the test, when you execute an SQL statement that is conditional on keyboard parameters, the system crashes often occur, especially when you enter single quotes in the English state. This was the case in the previous student information management system, but there was no way to think about why or deal with the exception, And now I'm having this problem and I'm starting to wonder why?

In fact, it is very simple to look at the SQL statement we use as follows:

txtSQL = "SELECT * from user_info where UserID = '" & txtUsername.Text & "'"

We all know that in SQL statements, when the field value is a character type, it must be enclosed in a single quotation mark of the English state, which can be executed, and we are all set to the character type when we write the code, so you will find that each of your SQL statements has a single quote in the value of the WHERE clause, So in the test, enter the odd number of words in the English state of single quotes, and the code in the single quotation mark confusion, the compiler system is not recognized, only to let your system crash.

The system also has a serious problem, that is, the calculation is inaccurate, how to make the timing and settlement more accurate also worth considering, what kind of algorithm is appropriate, there are many details, I will not repeat.

Finally, the improvement and improvement of the system, there are several ideas many people have contacted the Internet Café Management system, that system is what we want to do the target system, such as our card balance is not enough, will pop up desktop to remind customers to recharge, and so on, or force the machine, the Internet, will brush the ID card, this is just activating your account, not billing, Start billing When you enter your account password, etc.

This system is only a prototype, or a blueprint, the real finished product is still a lot worse.

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