Project Summary of Learning Java Script

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Unconsciously, our JavaScript learning has been reported to the paragraph, this does not mean that we do not learn, because knowledge is cumulative. From the beginning of learning JavaScript to doing projects we spent January of time, the heart of a big stone finally fell.

Just beginning to learn JavaScript, this is more difficult than I imagined, I have been in a state of confusion, I even doubt their ability, I am not the wrong professional, I do not know what I study every day, I can not remember what the teacher said every day, watching other students know everything, they have been in situ in the circle , the direction cannot be found. This feeling is really uncomfortable. I try to understand JavaScript some of the grammar, but I do not understand the test, I thought about giving up, but I do not want to give up, before that arrogant ego, now give up is not let people joke. This is how the guerrilla warfare begins ....

With the continuous progress of learning, I found a lot of time myself are in a negative state, always looking for excuses for their laziness, always reluctant to go to the computer, do not want to see the classroom code. JS There are too many events and objects need us to remember, but rote must be no, this need to do their own tapping code ... Fortunately, I have not been addicted to the lazy, in the back of the study, my state back to the positive state, so I think in learning, personal attitude and state is very important.

The end of the study, will undoubtedly usher in the exam, the purpose is to test our learning results, in time is tight, we ushered in the JS project, this time the project and C is like a small game. This game is played by our childhood like to play the hamster, or very excited. Just get the project requirements, I feel relatively simple, but in the process encountered a lot of difficulties, such as the mouse randomly out of the hole, with a small hammer hit the rat, the hamster disappeared, of course, I encountered the difficulty is the essence of the game, and finally in the teacher and classmate's help, I breached these difficulties. In the project, my biggest harvest is not impetuous. Logic is clearer than before, and knowledge points are more understandable than before.

Struggle for 6 days, we hit the gopher also should show up, only for the project defense that short few minutes, but I think the things I do display to others, or very fulfilling, although not very good. In the reply, feel that they did not play well, but also found that I do not understand the binding of the incident is not thorough enough, their theoretical knowledge is not solid enough. Come on, one more time I'll learn better.

Project Summary of Learning Java Script

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