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After testing for one afternoon, we encountered a 100 + problem, and the number of bugs was too high ....

The details are as follows:


Environment Settings → wait time, network time 1, Date Format error;
System settings → enabled by default by Chef;
The acquisition of cuisines involves less than one cycle, resulting in no data displayed when there is only one cuisine;
There is only one cycle for getting recipes, so no data is displayed when there is only one recipe;
After the interface is started, let the cash text box get the focus and initialize the myobject object;
Add the refresh menu button on the interface;
Update data while updating promotional prices when ordering;
Set the system environment icon and add the Restore Default icon;
Set the waiting time for adding basic information;
Network Environment configuration Nic status when the network status is not connected the font becomes red;
Network Time 1 is unstable;
The system environment configuration is too slow to start;
The modification time is incorrect because the network time 1 is unstable;
After logging out of the user, refresh the user bar of the logon form;
Clear the password when switching the user, and get the focus in the password box;
Add food when mounting a ticket;
Check all the small ticket styles;
Card consumption total and discount problems;
The length of the deposit amount is not controlled (by the way, all length control conditions are queried );
Recharge record problems (column problems );
Enter at least four small ticket numbers;
The page contains a capture error;
An error occurred while authorizing the manager. The font of the reason why the ticket was rejected became smaller;
Click the password to display the virtual keyboard;
The reason for return is to write the return record;
An error occurred while grabbing the return ticket;
Debug the return logic, including all the return and unorder orders;
The keyboard pops up for the initial amount of membership card registration;
Front-end registration: Determine whether to allow front-end registration;
Front-end registration: the cardholder name is transferred out of the system with a keyboard or modify the input method;
Modify the mobile phone number of the ID card for the membership card and input the keyboard;
An error occurred while locking by card number;
You cannot re-print the input box of the small ticket number;
No order query;
An error occurred while logging on to the cashier after work payment;



Yonghe cuisine, detailed recipes, no data is determined to be blank;
"Edit" does not respond in IE6;
"Enable" should be selected by default when adding a kitchen program ";
The cooking status cannot be blank;
When updating the cuisine IP address, add the check box "whether to update all recipes ";
After adding a dish, the text box needs to be cleared;
The default value of count in commodity entities is "1 ";
When adding a product, the system does not determine whether the product exists;
When you add a product, the following error occurs: "the instance of the object has not been referenced ";
When editing, the verification price is a number, ≥0;
The added user has not verified whether the user exists;
Add the phone number that the user has not verified;
The cashier at the background is not allowed to log on and is not judged at login;
Log on and put the verification code behind the verification box;
The type of the registration card is incorrect;
The reset button of the registration card does not respond;
No data is determined in the inventory;
Unauthorized authorization data is null;
The archive management queries the member type to determine whether the data is empty;
Change the new mobile phone number and fixed phone number types to text boxes in archive management;
Screen differentiation rate issues.
Change the password and clear the session. A logon prompt is displayed. The logon page is displayed;
Exit to clear the session
Hardware configuration and status;
Function Configuration Add operation bar
Adjust the Sub-item location of the system settings;
The hardware type of the function configuration is not neat, and a certain space is added to the left;
No data is determined by the policy application;
Promotion activity: after adding the product, bind the data and prompt that the product is successfully added;
Duplicate foods are not determined during promotions;
Add a policy operation record. The Policy Application ID attribute is assigned a value;
Policy application modification policy application prompt application and application policy;
After the policy application is modified, a message indicating successful modification and data binding is displayed;
In policy management, the "discount policy for food prices" is changed to "discount policy ";
Add a discount policy and bind it to the table;
Add a member policy to determine whether it is repeated;
Add or delete a member policy;
Check the B-layer logic of the condition membership policy;
Add and bind the refund policy;
Add and bind recharge gifts;
The edited member information does not provide a birthday box;
Check all the data added and cleared;
No card opening record is added;
By default, the REPORT query time is set to the current day;
Consumption record report (the column name 'consumetime' is invalid;
Report spacing settings;
The backend should be able to query the disabled and used cards. If you cannot query the canceled cards, the deleted cards are called the deregistered cards;
The background can change the disabled Usage Status of the card;



When initializing a user type, you must initialize authorization for this user type (cashier)
The database adds the invoice name to the ticket configuration table (t_receept;
Set the SQL statement to initialize ip0 LTP;
Initialize whether to allow registration at the front-end;


It can be roughly divided into two categories: Details and business logic. Through tests, I found that there were many problems. In fact, I didn't feel a headache, but I was a little excited. Because the modification process is a process of rapid improvement, and the modification is completed, it means that the project is almost completed, and there is a little joy in it. Come on and complete the adjustment!


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