Project upgrade to ionic1.0.0 official version problem summary, ionic1.0.0 official version

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Project upgrade to ionic1.0.0 official version problem summary, ionic1.0.0 official version

In 2015, the ionic framework finally released the official version 1.0. This week, we finally decided to upgrade the four platform versions of the project (Android and iOS Mobile phones and tablets) from Beta13 a few months ago to 1.0, after a whole week of upgrading and testing, the upgrade problem was finally solved satisfactorily.

  • View cache Problems

Ionic1.0.0 caches ten viewstates by default, which should be introduced from AngularJS1.3. This function can make our applications more smooth. If some pages do not need to be cached, you can set cache: false in the state configuration or in the ion-view of the template. This depends on the actual situation of the project.

.state('login', {    url: "/login",    cache: false,    templateUrl: "templates/login.html",    controller: "LoginCtrl"})

If you do not need to cache the page, you can set

  • Platform consistency in the Tab bar

After the tab icon of android is upgraded, it will be in the upper part of the page by default, and the iOS tab is at the bottom of the page by default. This implementation also considers platform consistency. The tabs in our project are at the bottom of the middle page. You need to modify the configuration.
$ IonicConfigProvider. platform. android. tabs. position ('bottom ');

  • Icon class name change

All icons starting with ion-ios7-are changed to ion-ios-, and all templates and css icons that use ion-ios7-need to be replaced in bulk

  • Loading icon upgrade

Upgraded To the SVG loading icon, which is more elegant and automatically consistent with the default system loading icon on Android and iOS.

<Ion-spinner class = "spinner-calm"> </ion-spinner> <br> Loading

These problems are probably discovered at present, and the entire upgrade is still smooth, consistent with what ionic officially said.

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