Project upgrade, use LUA for hot updates.

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Now the publisher's requirements become more and more perverted, must request the program hot update, in order to deal with the bug on-line adjustment, we target locked in Ulua, Slua, (also interested in l#), at first Ulua very confused, Unity Assetstore on the sale, but there is a's website and organization claim that the latest version of Ulua is 1.0.8, later through the Unity officials know is a domestic organization for the Assetstore sold Ulua for upgrading the version, the original version has not been updated for a long time, so far Stop is 1.0.3;

Do a very simple test, all in the static binding function mode, found that the performance of Slua is indeed higher than Ulua, the average height of about 40%, now with the home computer, back up data (very simple data test); Slua simple and Clean is the reason I decided to choose it, Ulua too large, Examples and the use of people can not touch the mind, completely do not know how to start the feeling.

As the current is completely new to LUA, before basically useless, these days with the "LUA program design" in the English version of the wild Gnaw, and then analyze the Slua framework, completely from zero to fill, must be in just a few days to complete, the task is more arduous.

By reading the Slua documentation, Luajit 64bit is not currently supported under Mac, so the platform versions are as follows:

Ios:luajit 2.1 32/64bit Universal
Android:luajit 2.0 32/bit
Windows:luajit 2.0 32/64bit
Mac:lua 5.1 32/64bit Universal

The author has added the corresponding interface of LUA 5.3, if you want to use 5.3, you can compile accomplishment to replace the existing Libslua, continue to study in learning.

Project upgrade, use LUA for hot updates.

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