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This software can write code for the central controller of the Siyi series; it has the function of Automatically Searching and recognizing the central controller connected to the serial port; it has a database and records the common projector manufacturer, projector model and projector operation code; you can add, delete, and modify the record information. You can check whether the write code is successful or debug the reverse playback code of the central control machine. You can select the signal source of the projector; you can control the change time of the backdrop.

2. Design Ideas
1. Use a database to store the projector code.

Figure 2-1-1 Database Structure
2 tree list
1) initialization
Traverse all companies, insert the node, and record the handle of the node for use by the child node. Traverse all projector models, use CID as the index of the parent node, and insert the child node.
2. Click to expand
If the node belongs to the second layer, all data in the list is cleared; if the node belongs to the third layer, the parent node ID and the text of the current node are obtained, and then the database is searched to obtain the ID of the current node, query and display all the data of the funkey based on this ID.
3. Right-click
Display menu, and select different interfaces based on the message, such as ADD and modify. The first layer is the ADD Company, the second layer is the add model, and the third layer is the modify or delete data.
4. tree-like operations.
5 controls
Select the check control as the subcontrol of the list. The static control in the icon state is also the subcontrol of the list.

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