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In Japanese, there is a syllable that actually cannot hear the sound. This is the Japanese speaker (sokuon )).

It occurs only before the rows of begin, commit, commit, and commit. The Essentials of pronunciation are to prepare the next sound in the mouth after the previous sound is sent, and then send the next sound later.

The pronunciation method is different between the start, end, and end of the pause statement and the start statement. When all the gas is blocked before the operator, or the operator, and then the gas is opened, causing the gas to rush out. Before the primary row, the consonants are issued without stopping the pronunciation.
S, but in either case, you must keep a little frustrated; otherwise, the meaning of words will change.

Liu Xiaoyu (Yan Xiaoyu), a famous author (Xiao Xiaoyu), is bent into a pair) divide into two rows)

It is written as "nickname" and "katakana.
When typing on a computer, you can enter xtu, LTU, and ltsu If You Want To separately enter the P & M.
Input with other Kana: Repeat the sub-audio of the next Kana. For example, if "sa" is used to input "token" and "Ki" is used to input "token", "token" will appear. If you want to use "token ", after "sa" is completed, the computer will automatically insert a promotion tone before "quit" after "K" is played twice in a row and becomes "KKI ".

In a fast-paced song, the promotion sounds are just as common. However, in a slow song, the promotion will change to a long sound (for example, a long-lived song becomes a long-lived song ).

References: Standard Japanese

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