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It took 150 years for the typewriter invented in 1714 to be widely used, the 1836 invention Harvester took 100 years to promote, and 1920 years or so the invention of the vacuum cleaner, refrigerator Only 34 years of time has been widely used in the world, 1939 after the invention of television and other electrical appliances only spent 8 years has been marketing the world. The development of the block chain, and when to promote the era of the wheel into the value of the Internet era.

This is a dizzying, confused pace of change, the only choice--in addition to change, or change; This is also an exciting and exciting change in speed, great possibility-the value of interconnection, the future has come.

According to many aspects of the signal, the Block Bao Research institute that 2018 block chain industry is expected to show three major trends:

1 Alliance chain/private chain becomes mainstream

In enterprise application, the enterprise is more concerned with the strong identity license, security privacy, high performance, massive data, regulatory compliance and other elements of the block chain; In addition, most enterprises use block chain technology's main purpose is to reduce costs and improve collaboration efficiency. Therefore, the alliance chain/private chain this strong management of the block chain deployment model, more in line with the application of the enterprise in the landing of the demand, will become the mainstream of enterprise-level application technology direction.

At present, the positioning of the business application is clearer, the role of a more clear majority of the alliance chain. Most of the presentation is an industry up and down, or some of the core enterprises together to build a semi-public block chain, in order to jointly expand the scale of business, and ultimately achieve common development. such as R3, Hyperledger and so on.

2 increased demand across the chain

As mentioned earlier, the mainstream direction of industry-level, enterprise-level users is the alliance chain. With the deepening of the application of block chain, the industrial chain or enterprise in the fields of payment settlement, logistic traceability, medical cases and authentication, will establish their own block chain system.

Constrained by throughput, network isolation, regulation, scalability and other factors, the current block chain project is not very good for commercial applications. Among the restrictive factors in the block chain, the network isolation hinders the cooperative operation between the different block chains, which greatly limits the space of the block chain in the commercial application.

If the consensus mechanism is the soul core of the block chain, then for the block chain, especially the alliance chain and the private chain, the trans-chain technology is the key to realize the value of the Internet, it is the best medicine to save the Alliance chain from the isolated island, and it is the bridge between the different blocks.

Block chain from the technical level, is a time stamp of the distributed ledger technology, from the business level, it is a value network. In this network, the more effective nodes, the more distributed the connection, the greater the value that can be generated. Block chain is the engine of the value Internet age, the application of block chain should not be limited to the value interconnection of the alliance among the individual industry, the development of the block chain needs to cross the chain technology, so as to connect and expand the different block chains, and construct the huge value Internet.

3 Integration trend is obvious

Compared with previous years, the steady decline in the share of early stock in block chain industry indicates that the block chain, like other emerging technologies, is experiencing the evolution from creation to crowding and integration.

The integration trend in the block chain industry may be faster than in other industries, as block chains are more likely to fail than tech start-ups in other fields. A brilliant review of the period

Block chain: The engine of the era of value interconnection (2017)

Analysis report on compliance development of block chain industry

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