Protect your business data (NT server security, database SQL Server security, and IIS security)

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Let's discuss the security settings for the Web server. This includes the security of NT Server, the security of database SQL Server, and the security of IIS.
Note the order of installation
You may want to install all the software in the following order:
1, the installation of NT Server4.0, preferably installed as a "stand-alone server."
2. Install NT Service Pack 3.0
3, installation option Pack 4.0
4. Install NT Service Pack 4.0 or higher replenishment package
5. Install SQL Server 7.0

Security for NT Server
NT is considered to be the most vulnerable operating system on the Internet. Since Microsoft's NT will find a new bug almost every week, the security of NT is conceivable. Resolving NT Security Configuration issues is sometimes even more challenging than designing an electronic store.
I can only introduce some of my own experiences and experience here. If you want to get a better security configuration, you can access some discussion groups about security, and always follow Microsoft's patches.
Installing NT Server as a stand-alone domain server
When installing NT, the installer prompts you to select three types of installation:
1. Primary Domain Controller
2. Backup Domain Controller
3. Standalone server
Please select 3. There is no need to install a domain name server on the Internet.
Rename or lock the default account
System accounts, including administrator and guest, are set automatically at installation time. Many hackers enter your system by intercepting these accounts or guessing their passwords. So it is recommended that you rename these accounts or simply deactivate them.
These actions can be done in Administrative Tools >> domain User Manager.
Account rules are very important
In the domain manager by a menu item "account Rule", you can configure the account rule by selecting it. When you set these rules, make sure that:
1, do not allow the blank password, and set the minimum password length
2. When a login failure occurs several times, the account should be locked. This makes it easier to prevent some hackers from using certain software to guess passwords.
System Policy Editor
The System Policy Editor for NT server is useful. You can enter it by pressing administrative tools >> system Policy Editor, and then choose File >> Open Registry and select the local computer icon to be able to configure it carefully. The main settings are as follows:
1, Cancellation: Network >> system Rules update >> "Remote Update"
2, Cancel: Windows NT network >> share >> create a hidden drive share
3, Settings: Windows NT Remote access to the following items.
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