Protection against ClickJacking by IE 8

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RecentIE 8 RC1Released and added a new feature to defend against ClickJacking.

For details, refer:

Since IE is a browser, Microsoft has made full use of its inherent advantages by creating an HTTP header to defend against ClickJacking.


The original text is as follows:

Web developers can send a HTTP response header namedX-FRAME-OPTIONSWith HTML

Pages to restrict how the page may be framed. If the X-FRAME-OPTIONS value contains the tokenDENY,

IE8 will prevent the page from rendering if it will be contained within a frame. If the value contains the tokenSAMEORIGIN, IE will block rendering only if the origin of the top level-browsing-context is different

The origin of the content containing the X-FRAME-OPTIONS directive. For instance, if contains a DENY direve ve, that page will not render in a subframe,

No matter where the parent frame is located. In contrast, if the X-FRAME-OPTIONS directive contains the SAMEORIGIN token, the page may be framed by any page from the exact origin.

If you do not like watching birds, you can view my summary:
1. If the returned HTTP header is X-Frame-OPTIONS: DENY, the page cannot be embedded.

In iframe, IE reports an error message.

2. If the returned HTTP header is X-Frame-OPTIONS: SAMEORIGIN, the page can only be embedded

In the "Same as TOP page" page. (Familiar with the same-origin policy should be well understood)

For programmers: add the HTTP return header to an important page.

Which has the same effect:Frame bustingSkills
We often see the following JavaScript code:

<script type="text/javascript">
If (top! = Self) top. location. href = self. location. href; </script>

The purpose is to prevent pages from being referenced by iframe. For example, many pages of baidu contain this section of js,
This is frame busting.

However, because this code is written in JS, there are many methods to bypass or possibly bypass.

If the HTTP header is used, it is more reliable. In general, Microsoft has done a good thing.

However, there are still some voices indicating defects:

Noscript authors are clamoring to say that he is the best.

In my opinion, it may take some time to popularize IE8, but it is worth looking forward. We hope MS can be better promoted.

In addition, we are worried that this defense scheme still relies on the skills of programmers and cannot be implemented.Secure by default


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