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Protel 99 SE Application Technology Q & A <br> q: Can I use automatic cabling for Multilayer circuit boards?
Answer: Yes. It is the same as that of the dual-panel. Just set it.
Q: Can I use the orcad schematic in protel?
Answer: You need to generate the network Table file supported by protel from the orcad schematic, and then open it by protel.
Q: When filling, assuming that the spacing in the wiring rule is 20 mil, but some of my devices require mil spacing, how can I automatically fill in?
Reply: You can add the following content to design --> rules --> clearance constraint:
Q: Is there a good way to set square holes? In addition to drawing on the mechanical layer.
A: Yes. Set it on the multi layer.
Q: Can the 3d feature of 99se be improved more? It seems that you can only look at the front! Can the shape be made by yourself?
A: You can use ctrl + to flip a 3d image up, down, left, right-click to flip a certain angle. However, it is of little use and the video card is good.
Q: Is there any new version available after protel99se?
A: This version is coming soon. It takes more than two years, and it has a great leap with protel99se in terms of functionality and scale.
Q: What should I do if I leave copper dead?
Answer: normally, this type of problem is not encountered.
Q: You can modify the x and y sizes of a pad in the pad attributes.
Answer: Yes.
Q: After cabling, some cables are visually too clearly displayed. Is there any reason for protel cabling like this (Electrical)
A: the result of any wiring device is not very beautiful only through automatic cabling.
Q: How to Use the pld simulation function of protel 99se?
A: First, you must have a simulation input file (. si), and then select the absolute abs option in configure. After the compilation is successful, you can simulate the file and view the simulation output file.
Q: The history of protel. ddb is shown in and deleted.
Reply: Delete the recycle bin to the recycle bin first.
Q: Why does the pre-deployed cables of automatic cabling be modified and I think they are not too old? Why is the configuration correct?
Answer: Lock the first line. It should be enough.
Q: What is the latest protel version? When will the new version be launched?
Reply: protel dxp was launched later in the second quarter.
Q: Has pspice function changed?
A: In the new version of protel, the simulation function will be greatly improved.
Q: Will the Chinese version of protel dxp be available now?
Reply: No.
Q: How can I lock the first line before automatic cabling ?? One by one?
A: The pre-wiring locking function in 99se is good. You don't have to select one by one. You just need to click a check box in the auto-wiring settings.
Q: How can different net in the pcb be connected together?
Answer: it is better not to do this. We should first change the schematic diagram and follow the rules. It is easier for others to take over.
Q: Can a protel pcb diagram output other file formats, such as hyperlynx? This option is not available in the menu.
Answer: Now protel has pcb signal analysis function.
Q: How do I set the inner electrical layer in pcb multilayer circuit board design? The premise is completely manual layout and wiring.
A: There are special menu settings.
Q: I used 99se6 to deploy a 4-layer board, which lasted for an hour and 20 minutes to reach 99.6%, but after 11 hours, it only went to 99.9%! You have to stop it.
Answer: for the remaining several net, do a manual pre-cloth, and then the remaining automatic, can reach 100% of the cloth.
Q: How can I add Chinese characters to 99se? If there seems to be less Chinese characters after Chinese conversion!
Gao yingkai replied: No.
Q: How can I use protel's pld function to compile the gal16v8 program?
Answer: using protel's pld function to compile the gal16v8 program is relatively simple. You can directly use the cupl dhl hardware description language to program it. The help contains examples. step by step.
Q: How can I set up bus-based cabling for the PCB Board drawn in protel?
Answer: shift + space.
Q: As the number of modifications increases, the size of the protel file increases. How can I reduce the size of the file?
A: There is a database tool in the System menu. (The big arrow on the left of the fiel menu ).
Q: How can I write blank (Chinese characters or English letters without copper) on a copper-coated layer)
Answer: first write the text, then copper, and finally Delete the text.
Q: How do I lock a wiring?
Answer: select the network and modify it in the attribute.
Q: How can I draw an arc continuously? How can I draw a garden in each bend?
Answer: No. Draw an arc directly.
Q: The current simulation function of protel is general. I don't know what the new version will do?
A: The next version will be improved.
Q: How can I design a line that may have a large current? Thank you!
A: You can simply place the desired tin shape on the solder mask.
Q: How many cabling modes are available in pcb? There are only two types of computers, which can be switched by spaces.
Answer: shift + Space
Q: How can I draw a welding pad with a non-circular inner hole ???
Answer: No.
Q: Where can I enable the 3d function after se finishes the menu?
A: Are you talking about the view3d interface? Please start it in the system menu (under the big arrow on the left.
Q: no Chinese characters are added to the 99sepcb board, but se is missing a lot after Chinese conversion!
A: The Installation File and configuration may be incorrect.
Q: Can protell99se open an orcad file? If not, will this n chen function be added?
Answer: You can open it now.
Q: Why is the pad attribute changed when I add the pads file to protel99se,
Answer: Generally, manual adjustments are required for such problems, such as modifying attributes.
Q: Can I add tears one by one?
Answer: Of course.
Q: What are the hardware requirements for 3d functions? Thank you. I don't think so.
Answer: Please turn Kingsoft mac off.
Q: How can I display the pad holes when printing the pcb in protel99se?
Answer: in protel, how can I add a square pad to the pad.
Q: How can blind and buried holes be added during Automatic cabling?
Answer: blind holes and buried holes can be added when automatic cabling rules are set.
Q: Why is protel execution too slow and memory consumption? The execution of systems as big as allegro is smooth!
A: The latest protel software is not a simple pcb design, but a system design, including file management, 3d analysis, etc. As long as piii, m or above memory, protel can also run like flying.
Q: When the inner electrical layer is opened, it seems that the component and the passing hole are transient together with the inner electrical layer. Is it correct?
Answer: The effect of the inner electrical layer is opposite to that of the actual copper binding, so it is correct.
Q: How much is genuine protelse ???
Answer: Check whether you have specific requirements.
Q: When the pcb of protel99se6 is exported to specctra10.1 through specctra interface, it is found that all the welding pad without network labels are lost. As a result, specctra goes through the wires where the welding pad actually exists, and the layout is messy, how can this problem be avoided?
Answer: Most manual adjustments are required when two types of software are involved.
Q: When you use the edit \ export spread command to generate a workbook, the components, corresponding labels, and packages in each graph are not generated. if you want to modify the encapsulation of all the drawings in a workbook and then update the schematic diagram, how can this problem be solved?
Reply: Click the corresponding option.
Q: Ask protel to develop a set of international language versions. You can select different language interfaces and help.
Gao yingkai replied: You can select the language interface, but the help is still in English.
Q: Do I have to use protel for hardware design?
Answer: Not necessarily, but protel is a shortcut.
Q: Is there an arc in the pcb? After draw a straight line, you can directly draw an arc, such as the dos version of the arc mode! Can it be implemented? If yes, how can I set it?
Answer: Yes. shift + space can be used to switch the wiring mode.
Q: Why can't I see where the vdd And gnd are connected with pad?
Reply: enable the network Label display.
Q: How can I remove the small segments separated from the copper area?
Answer: select "remove dead copper" when applying copper"
Q: Can I tell the name of the new version of protel? What are the new features? The push capability of protel manual cabling is too weak
Answer: protel dxp has greatly improved simulation and wiring.
Q: How can I remove the components on the pcb, such as the resistance and capacitance? Do I need to remove them one by one? Is there a quick way?
Reply: Use global editing to hide all layers
Q: Why should I change the 99se storage to the project format?
A: It facilitates file management.
Q: How to set the width of the pad connected to the pad after the pad is replaced by a ground wire?
Reply: Set the connection mode with the pad before placing the parcel
Q: Can I modify or delete some parts of the element symbol when making a pcb?
Answer: remove the element lock in the component properties to edit the component in the pcb without affecting the component in the library.
Q: How can I modify the size of a pad in an integrated circuit package?
A: You can modify the size of the pad in an integrated circuit package in the library. You can also modify the size on the PCB. (unlock the pad in the Component Attribute first ).
Q: What kind of cad pspice is useful?
Answer: Since the simulation algorithms based on the spicse model are very mature and there is no new breakthrough, there is no substantial difference between eda software tools in this regard.
Q: What is the impact of a high-speed clock line in a power supply or formation?
Answer: It varies with the design.
Q: How can I modify the size of a pad in an integrated circuit package? How should I set global modification?
Reply: select all for global editing
Q: How can I change the detailed line of a pcb to a rough line?
Reply: Double-click Modify + global edit. Pay attention to the matching conditions. modify the rules to adapt them to the new line width.
Q: How to import the gerber file from protel99
A: The protel pcb can only import its own gerber, while the protel cam can import gerber in other formats.
Q: How to use protel to open powpcb files?
A: Create a New pcb File and use the import function to create a new pcb File.
Q: Can I use the vhdl language to design xilinx cpld in protel99se?
Answer: Design xilinx cpld in protel99se. If you use the vhdl language, you need to purchase an interface software separately. In the next version, you can directly use the vhdl language.
Q: Why does my p 99 version crash when I add Chinese characters?
Answer: It should be caused by version D.
Q: How to Implement overall turning of multiple original devices
Answer: select the component to be flipped at a time.
Q: Can you tell me the specific process of making a board? Printed Board finished by pcb File
Answer: The specific process can be explained in a few words. You can further discuss it later.
Q: Where is the library of the new device package and principle?
A: The protel site has a protel database R & D center, which constantly updates database resources. Genuine users can obtain these resources for free.
Q: The auto-wiring locking function is not easy to use. Some systems may re-deploy the system. I don't know what's going on?
Gao yingkai replied: the latest version has no such problems.
Q: How can I make the materials contain aperture display or symbol signs, just like allego?
Answer: There are options in the output to generate drilling statistics and various pore size symbols.
Q: How do I define a network name for a circuit contact when I directly draw a PCB?
Reply: In the net edit dialog box, set.
Q: How can I quickly and implicate a hardcopy physical device into a computer?
A: The PCB program can be downloaded on the 21ic. Your PCB must be very bright with sand paper to succeed.
Q: What are the hardware requirements for 3d functions in pcb?
A: opengl must be supported.
Q: Does protel's pld function seem to not support popular hdl languages?
Answer: The cupl language used by protel pld is also a type of hdl language. In the next version, you can directly input the language in vhdl.
Q: Can the automatic cabling Effect of protel dxp reach the original accel level?
Gao yingkai replied: there were and there were none.
Q: Can I create an asymmetric pad? When the cabling is dragged, the connected lines are dragged at the original angle?
A: Asymmetric pad can be created. When you drag the cables, the cables connected to the cables cannot be directly dragged along with the original angle.
Q: Can protel achieve the same performance of high-end eda software when it reaches its service?
Answer: depends on the design.
Q: The hdl used in protel is ordinary vhdl.
Reply: No, protel pld is
Q: What should I do if the copper is laid after tears are accumulated and the grid is broken?
A: This is because you have set a hot isolation band when completing the tears. You only need to pay attention to the safe distance and the hot isolation band mode. You can also use a repair method.
Q: How do I divide an arc into several equal fractions?
Answer: using conventional geometric knowledge, eda is just a tool.
Q: What functions will be added to the new version of protel? What is the price?
A: The price will also increase as many features are added.
Q: How can I make different parts of the same wire have different widths and appear continuous and beautiful? Thank you! A: it cannot be completed automatically. You can use the editing skills.
Q: After protel99se6 is automatically cabled, messy cabling will appear near the pins of the Integrated Block, such as burrs, and sometimes even triangular cabling, which require a lot of manual correction. How can this problem be avoided?
Answer: set the grid properly and optimize the cabling again.
Q: I used protel to draw a picture. After Repeated modifications, I found that the file size was very large (inflated) and the import was much smaller after export. Why ?? Is there any other way to slim down files?
Answer: in fact, the copper in protel was caused by the composition of lines. Due to intellectual property issues, the "irrigation" function in pads cannot be used, but it has its advantages, the "dead copper" can be automatically deleted ". as a result, it is very small to compress with winzip. it will not affect your file sending.
Q: How do I set the pin sequence of components during schematic drawing?
A: When creating a schematic database, you can check the sequence number, duplicate number, and missing number. You can also use the array emission function to place regular pins at a time.
Q: I just mentioned how to write hollow (not copper) text on copper-coated tables. The experts answered the question: write first, then copper-coated, and then delete the words in the book, but I tried it. After deleting the word, it was blank and covered with copper. Could you give it a try if the expert has made a mistake?
Answer: The word must be placed in Chinese using the method provided by protel99se, and then the Chinese (English) Word is removed from the component (because it is a component), the safe spacing is set to 1 mil, and then copper-coated, then move the copper-coated device, and the program will ask if the copper-coated device will be again and answer no.
Q: How can I obtain the previous principle library and pcb library for free?
Answer: You can download it at
Q: How can I create an elliptical pad in 99se? The method for placing the continuously welded pad is not available, and the PCB manufacturer is not happy. Can I add this setting item to the next edition?
A: When creating a database component, you can use a map of a non-Solder Pad to form the desired Solder Pad shape. The pcb design has the same network properties. We can advise protel.
Q: How do I create a pad with a hole of 2*4mm outer diameter of 6mm?
Answer: The square hole size is marked on the mechanical layer. Communicate with the plate manufacturer for specific requirements.
Q: I know, but how do I connect the power supply and ground to the inner power Layer? No network table. If there is a network table, no problem is found.
Reply: Use the from-to class to generate a network connection
Q: As we all know, many of you here use the dashboard. Do you want to set a proper price so that everyone can use the genuine version?
Answer: genuine and pirated versions have different nature and prices. the use of the two objects, regardless of the strength and level are very different. when you can use genuine software everywhere, it is the day of development.
Q: How do I create a button panel?
A: I have an example here. You can send it to and I will send it to you.
Q: How can I draw the tms320 series from ti Company in protel?
Answer: using database creation tools, direct painting is not complicated.
Q: How to Use the pld function in protel?
A: A detailed description is provided in the software user manual.
Q: The principle of protel simulation can be demonstrated. If a detailed model is provided, a good result can be obtained.
Answer: protel simulation is fully compatible with the spice model. You can obtain the free spice model from the device manufacturer for simulation. protel also provides modeling methods. It has professional simulation knowledge and can establish effective models.
Q: How to edit a network Table File
A: The protel99se has a special net edit dialog box.
Q: What is the size of copper? How can this problem be solved?
A: You can understand the large data volume of copper. However, if it is too large, it may be that your settings are not scientific.
Q: Are you a foreign-invested company?
Reply: Joint-stock enterprises.
Q: Is there any way to scale the graphical symbols of the schematic diagram?
Answer: No.
Q: Where can I purchase the signal integrity analysis information?
A: The protel software has a detailed signal integrity analysis manual.
Q: What is the principle of "enumeration?
Answer: The layout should be more than twice the distance of your security. This is the general knowledge of layout.
Q: Does potel dxp improve its automatic layout? Can I enable automatic Packaging Based on the Schematic layout during import?
Answer: There is no inherent link between pcb layout and Schematic layout. Therefore, potel dxp will not be automatically arranged according to the Schematic layout during automatic layout. (the component class created based on the subgraph can help the pcb layout to be connected Based on the schematic ).
Q: Why can't I modify the attribute in protel after converting the schematic diagram of power logic into protel through the software? It's either unrealistic or completely display the attribute.
A: For full display, you can make a global Edit to show only the desired part.
Q: Why is the pad attribute changed when I import the pads file in protel99se?
A: This is mostly because of the differences between the two software and each version. you can do some manual adjustments.
Q: Can I connect to a pcb with the same net name and port name?
A: Yes. You can use protel to generate a network in multiple ways. When you use port-port in the hierarchy chart, each line chart can use the same net name, they are not connected because the network name is the same. do not use the power port because it is global.

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