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To continue the content of the previous chapter, then how to organize the page elements, production prototype demo, what is the level of interaction designers that the focus of expression, the production of prototype and what can follow?

Ⅰ. What is a prototype?

The concept of the prototype is simple and straightforward is the user's use of the product interface model, the prototype design consists of three parts: ① requirements content of the presentation ② navigation and link ③ data exchange

① Requirements Content Presentation

1 text, the presentation of multimedia content

The most basic Web page is the carrier of text and multimedia, through the text and the media to present the demand content to the visitor is the most basic part of web design, the designer needs to send the information to the visitor, this is the basic design purpose, before I have written a similar article "Visual design is to express information." In fact, whether it is interactive or visual, should have the ability to organize typesetting, the division of the primary and secondary, understand the target, understand the user group, can talk about the design.

Understanding grids, interactive designers with typesetting skills can save a lot of communication costs:

Unlike traditional visual typesetting, interactive design requires the organization of information within a limited space, with several of the most common techniques:

In the design layout process, the interaction must also understand the front-end implementation method, the basic html,css and some common script effects need to know.

2) Call of action

In addition to basic layout layouts, interaction requires a little effort in the rendering of requirements. Read some psychology, understand the data analysis, familiar with the user's behavior habits, how to show the content in order to cater to users. To treat users, designers should have a slave mentality to guess the master's Glass heart.

First, introduce a method of content guidance, and give this design method as "Call of action". The so-called "Call of action" is to render the interface of the time to consider the user's psychology, can stimulate the user's participation degree. Some of the more blunt practices such as: text bold increase color, the button becomes larger, ad ads made GIF or flash, add new,hot such as picture tags, or simply advertise with sexy beauty. These practices, while damaging the picture and experience, still admit that these more blunt design methods can indeed attract a portion of the user's attention.

If you do some thinking about these methods, you are presented in a different way:

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