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Although many of our friends online browsing habits are not the same, but we may be concerned about some specific page updates every day, such as the author every day to work, will open the major portals and some IT professional web site software News page, which is based on job needs of the professional habits; Similarly, for example, many friends who play stocks want to pay attention to the news and information of major financial and securities websites in the first time. In fact, in the favorite features of the tour, there is a key to bulk open a specific Web site convenient function, you can make the user's browsing efficiency doubled and more convenient to operate. Here the author introduces three of the most commonly used implementation methods:

First, before we introduce the various methods, we need to create a blank folder in our favorite favorites. Then put the most frequently used URLs that you need to open every day in this blank folder (users can put them in a folder by simply dragging the URL in their favorites), assuming that the newly created folder name is "one-click per day".

The first method: in the Favorite folder, the user first into the "Favorite folder" menu, then right-click the "one-click every day" folder, and in the pop-up right-click menu, select the "Open all Links" option, the software can immediately bulk open the "one-click every day" folder in all the URLs, very fast and convenient ( As shown in Figure 1).

Figure 1 Performing "Open all Links" to the specified favorites

The second way: the user runs proudly, then in the Software tool menu, choose the "Proud Tour Settings Center" option, then the Open "Pride Tour" page will be switched to the "General Options" to enter this page, the user in the "Proud to Start" project, select the "Open the designated folder in the Favorites" option, and then through the " Browse specifies that the log on one-click every day folder is selected so that every time a user starts a trip, the software immediately launches all the URLs in the "Log on every day" folder (Figure 2).

Figure 2 Setting up an automatic batch to open a specific URL at startup

The third way: in the Favorite folders of the proud swim, the user finds and uses the right mouse button to click the "Log on every day" folder, and then selects the "Convert to Group" option in the pop-up right-click menu, which allows users to click the "Log on every day" folder in their favorites when they need to bulk open the URLs. The software can automatically open all the URLs in the "one-click every day" folder automatically all at once, is it simpler and more convenient (see Figure 3)?

Figure 3 Using group capabilities to bulk open a specific Web site

Proud tour is a practical function of a wide range of free web browser software, the same application in the software is not limited to an operation method, the same function is not limited to one application, the user only to be proud to travel more applications, more discovery, in order to get more from the software of the unexpected application of fun.

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