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The advantage of the multi-label browser is that you can open many wonderful websites at the same time, but in the dazzling, it is inevitable to turn off the wrong pages. Through the history of the search slowly, racked up the memory of the URL, or follow the original antecedents again? Using the Undo feature, you can easily restore the pages that were mistakenly closed.

Undo button and Undo list

Revocation is proud to provide users with a "regret" function, when the user shut down a page after the want to reopen, just click the Undo button, you can reopen the page. At the same time, the revocation list can be stored according to the user set a certain amount of URL, convenient for users at any time backtracking.

Tip: Use the shortcut key "Alt+z" to quickly invoke the Undo function.

The revocation list may reveal some privacy, proud tour provides the empty list function, just click on "Empty List" item, the entire revocation list will be emptied. Because emptying is irreversible, users are advised to operate cautiously. If you want to keep the secrecy, you can consider using the AO-Tour account--proud of the list data associated with the account, the account log out after the other people can no longer access.

Tip: The Undo feature restores the page browsing history to make it easier for users to find deeper browsing records.

Undo Feature Settings

Undo List Default Save page is 15, and sometimes you want to restore the page has more than 15. This is a proud tour. Provides users with custom settings that allow users to adjust the number of undo list saves according to their needs.

Click on the "Tools-Pride Center-advanced Options", you can see the number of Undo list entries set. The default value is 15, and the user can modify it at will.

Small hint: This setting belongs to the user to set up, the different account will not be common.

Unlike traditional historical functions, the revocation list is straightforward and easy to operate. Using the Undo list, users can review the history of the site at any time, to the website to truly "call it, go," and turn the Internet browsing into their own control of the happy time.

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