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1 customized backup and export back to the top

Proud Tour (Maxthon) is the default Web browser for many computer users, some experienced computer users are highly recommended this compact, stable, performance-oriented practical Web browser. In fact, I think, we like proud to swim (Maxthon) Browser One of the important reasons, may be the software very nuanced personalized customization function, the user through a series of personalized customization, software not only to use will be more handy, and the software web browsing efficiency will be greatly improved.

But now the problem is: after some optimization and customization, the user in their own computer use very conveniently, many operations more in line with their own habits, but the user to change a computer, such as temporary in the relatives of the Internet, Operation Proud Tour (Maxthon) will be very unfamiliar. In fact, the user through a number of simple "re-customization", completely allows users to use their own operating habits at any time, Maxthon browser, their own proud tour (Maxthon) browser itself as the Lord, so that our proud tour (Maxthon) can be perfect "as the shadow accompanying."

First, personalized customization of the backup and export

Proud Tour (Maxthon) browser users know that in the "Proud Tour Settings Center", the software also provides up to hundreds of personalized settings options, these personalized options involved in Maxthon Browser application aspects (Figure 1). So is there any way to quickly back up these setup options, which are carefully optimized and customized, and then import these settings in batches at any time of need? In fact, AO Tour (Maxthon) Browser This aspect of the function is very perfect.

Figure 1 Proud Tour Setting Center

STEP1: When the user first runs the Maxthon browser, you can choose to click the "Create New Account" button in the Software pop-up login window, and in the next open page, create and open a dedicated account of your own, based on the prompts to create the wizard. The final user also needs to return to the login window that was just opened and log on to the Maxthon browser (see Figure 2) using the "Start with my own account" method of creating a login and logon password.

Figure 2 Login Account

2 Online Sync personalized favorites back to top

STEP2: Users login to the Maxthon browser, all the necessary personalized customization to complete the settings, then the user can open the "File" menu in the software, select the "Upload/download user data" option, in the Open "upload/Download User Data" dialog box, Users can, according to the need to be proud of the browser settings, proxy server data, smart filling data and Web content filtering data such as user data "upload", of course, this time we need to focus on uploading is "proud browser settings" (Figure 3).

Figure 3 Uploading/downloading user data

STEP3: So, in the future, no matter when and where, as long as the same as "use my own account startup" way to log in to AO (Maxthon), you can anywhere in the "Upload/Download User Data" dialog box "Download" Proud browser set up (as shown in Figure 4).

Figure 4 Downloading User data

Tip: After each change of the original personalized settings, it is recommended to upload the changed custom at any time, so that users can download "Proud browser settings" in other places, to keep the synchronization, the latest.

Second, online synchronization personalized Favorites

Almost every Internet user has a set of their own web site favorites, users in the Web site favorites, just click on a URL can achieve "one-click". In the Maxthon browser, the software also provides a full-featured online sync personalized Favorites and User Favorites Server backup function.

STEP1: Users also log on as "Start with my own account" (Maxthon), the software by default will pop up a "collection service" Confirmation window, users can click the "Yes" button to open the "collection service" (Figure 5).

Figure 5 Collection Services

3 Import Favorites back to top

STEP2: Then the user opens the "Favorites" menu in the software and chooses the "more actions → sync online favorites" option, when the software automatically uploads the user's existing favorites content (Figure 6, Figure 7).

Figure 6 Synchronizing Favorites

Figure 7 Query online version

STEP3: When users surf the internet in different places, just log in with your own account and choose the "more actions → import favorites" option in the "Favorites" menu, then select "Import from Favorites" in the "Import Favorites" dialog box in the Software pop-up, and click OK. The software can automatically download the contents of the favorites that users have synchronized online in advance (Figure 8).

Figure 8 Importing Favorites

Tip: For backup of favorites, software can also support local disk backup and export all favorites links to HTML files and other features. In addition, proud Tour (Maxthon) More Support Favorites Link Bulk check, favorite link batch collation, ie browser Firefox browser favorites to import and other practical functions.

For users of the Maxthon browser, a complete set of personalized customization can be "carry", their own carefully created Web site favorites can also "carry", no matter where the user goes, their own hands of the Proud tour (Maxthon) browser can be personalized publicity out, when the use of Proud tour ( Maxthon) Browser, can also be handy.

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