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AO Tour (Maxthon) is a full-featured, stable performance, detailed design of a very user-friendly browser, the author of the recent surprise in the use of the discovery, the address bar will sometimes appear some icons, but also their magical function.

The author notices that these small icons sometimes appear on the right side of the address bar, namely, Web sniffer, RSS feed, security Lock, security Shield. What are the magical uses of them? The following author for you to interpret.

Web Sniffer-capture video

People surf the Internet, of course, can not avoid video appreciation, many people also have the habit of downloading video. At present, most video sites do not provide video download services. Is there nothing to do with the wonderful video? Proud tour for you to break through the limitations of the video site, "Web sniffer" tool, at any time for you to explore the Web page in the FLV, WMV and other formats of media files.

When there is video in the current page, the Web sniffer comes in handy, when the current page is detected in video, the right side of the address bar will appear sniffer button, click the button, you can find the address of the video resources in the dialog box pop-up.

It's easier to find the resources you need from a file type Drop-down menu, and you can enter the format name directly in the Type column when the default resource type does not match.

Select the resources you need to download, double-click to copy the address, and then use the Download tool to create a new task can be downloaded, and then no longer need to download video worry!

RSS Reader--Quick Subscription

With the advent of the web2.0 era, there has been a large number of feed subscriptions to the Web site, the data to find so very simple, no longer need a website to collect new information, because RSS can automatically update content, but also more convenient to read.

Proud of the browser not only feed subscriptions provide a good support, and the special feed information monitoring, so that the use of the Subscriber becomes simple and effective. When the Web page contains feed information, the RSS icon is automatically displayed in the Address bar.

Click on the RSS icon, the new tab will display the following content:

Just add it to the feed and subscribe to the sidebar, you can see the subscription list and content summary in the sidebar-"My Subscriptions."

How, this small button completely eliminates the input RSS address to save the tedious steps, just move two mouse, you can add the page RSS feed directly to the browser, use it extra convenient

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