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AO 3.0 is a veteran browser manufacturers proud to visit the latest browser products, Pu first came out because of its simple interface, open the page quickly and praised. However, to fully feel this new type of browser efficient, fast, master its common shortcut key operation is essential. This article will introduce some of the most common shortcuts and application tips for 3.0.

Regret medicine-alt+z (revocation)

What to do with the wrong page, of course, is to use the Undo function. Do not work with the mouse to click a small button, just press "Alt+z", you can quickly restore the last closed page.

Time-ctrl+h (History)

Ctrl+h can quickly open the history page, to facilitate users to view the pages have been browsed, recall the past no longer rely on unreliable memories.

Nowhere to hide-ctrl+f (find inside the page)

Do you want to find a specific word on the current page? Press Ctrl+f to open the Quick Find dialog box. But if there is a few meters long web page, the keyword location is dispersed how to do? Please see the right scroll bar, AO 3 has helped you identify positioning, as long as the scroll bar to the appropriate position.

Male and female double strands sword-f2, F3 (before and after the switch label)

F2 toggles the label forward, F3 switches the label backwards. A single shortcut appears to be just a transformation page, but if the two match, you can play a quick look at the label, compared to multiple pages of the same function.

Please let me help you-f1 (Help)

Press F1 will pop-up Help, with Windows know, but AO 3.0 provides online help, in addition to the use of help, you can also quickly enter the forum to visit, to seek more targeted solutions.

Go wherever you want.-F1-F6 (smart Address bar opens quickly)

Although F1-f6 have their own functions, but in the process of entering the URL, the smart Address bar will be activated, F1-F6 is the top to the next 6 URLs corresponding to the quick open shortcut keys, you can save the continuous input and mouse clicks cumbersome operation.

Send and receive freely-ctrl+b (Hide/Show Favorites bar)

The Favorites Bar is either a shortcut tool or one of the factors that can reveal privacy. Press Ctrl+b to quickly show/hide the Favorites bar, so that the convenience and privacy balance. In addition, for the name "widescreen", real "low screen" of the popular display, hiding the favorite bar is also a good way to increase the size of the browsing area.

Call to-ctrl+t (open new page)

Now that you are gone, you must also be able to call. The function of ctrl+t is to open a new blank page. To open a new page is not important, it is important to open a new page after the focus is right in the address bar, users directly enter the address.

To-ctrl+w (Close the current tab)

After reading a webpage to turn off, with the mouse to find small xx mody? Not so hard, with CTRL+W can close the current page, for the need to quickly close a large number of pages is really the choice.

Zoom-ctrl+ Wheel (zoom current page)

Bubble Forum, read novels, look up information, see News ... Now most of the Web site based on the 1024*768 resolution, with a large resolution of the screen looks like the narrow word and small, can be enlarged to full screen is good. Just hold down CTRL, scroll the mouse wheel, the page can zoom in and out, adjust to the appropriate to watch, it is convenient. Who says the wheel is not a button ...

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